Muffler question

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by 1992blkGT, Dec 9, 2003.

  1. I really need some help. I'm going to get my girlfriend some mufflers for her car ('97 Mustang GT). I would buy her a complete cat-back but she doesn't want me spending over $100 for her gift (and to be completely honest I can't afford spending much more than that anyway). She already thinks her car is fast enough, but she wants it to be louder so mufflers will be good enough. I really like Spintech mufflers and eventually plan on getting some for my car. I'm going to get the Spintech ProStreets, I already know to get 2 1/4" mufflers, but where are the inlets/outlets for the stock setup? I figure they are offset from each other, but I want to make sure before ordering. I don't wanna have to crawl under her car, it might be a little too obvious. I appreciate any help! Thanks guys!
  2. Yes they are offset. I'd highly recommend Flowmasters if you're just doing mufflers. Mine sounded great like they were before my o/r h pipe.
  3. yeah the spintechs have a very unique (good) sound. but you're not gonna find a set of any mufflers for $100. you might find a set of used flows on Ebay for that but not new. Most mufflers worth their beans are around $80~$115 each brand new. I bought my 2 chambers on ebay for $60 used in great condition though so I know the deals exist. just do some shopping around and if you just get mufflers, expect another $100 to get them installed.
  4. get the new flowmaster super 40s
  5. Oh I know they will cost more than $100. I'm expecting to pay $150+, but she doesn't have to know that ;). I know a shop that welded my Dr Gas X-pipe together and then welded it to my cat-back for $35, I'm sure it'll cost about that for just muffler install. I have Flowmasters on my car now, and although it sounds great with the offroad X-pipe and LT headers, it sounded kinda plain when all I had was the cat-back. Thanks for the help guys. Here is the muffler I'm going to order, this will work right?
    The picture isn't the right one, but the inlet and outlet are on opposite sides of each other. Thanks again guys! It's nice when 5.0 and 4.6 guys can get along!
  6. you know another route that would be nice (if she can live without performance stuff) would be a nice detailing kit for her car. There are quiete a few out there, or you could throw one together. I did that for my dad this year. It's got some stuff from griot's garage and a couple of bottles of Zaino's :nice: Stangs are nice but CLEAN stangs = teh win
  7. Good idea, but her dad is obsessive about keeping his trucks clean and has EVERY cleaning product ever made. He also has a heated garage with its own drainage system so you can wash your car in the garage. Her car is bone stock and there is so much stuff I want to get for it. I want to get her lowering springs, but she sees my scraping on everything and it discourages her. I keep telling her it's because I have longtube headers, but she won't have it. Oh well, at least exhaust is pretty noticeable and this way I can also figure out if I like Spintech mufflers before ordering myself some :nice:
  8. if she's got a 5 speed, a triax shifter would be a blessing for her.