muffler sizes

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  1. so yeah, the guy at meineke tells me that the Flowmaster 50 series won't fit under the car. the 50s are 17" (23" overall), the 40s are 13" (19" overall), and the stock muffler they said is 14"... now, i havent had a chance to look under there, but is there spare room enough to get those 50s up under there or are the tolerances so tight that only 14 or smaller will work? i already bought the 40 delta flow series, but have a feeling they just might be too loud, even with them being quieter than the standard 40s.

    also, i wanted to paint the mufflers black as i don't want any part of them really noticable except for the tips. i bought the highest heat rated paint that auto-zone sells, rated to constant temps of 500ºF and up to 1200ºF for short periods of time... thoughts? comments?
  2. I just got 40 series today and I got back kinda early so the car was still on the lift .. anyways IMO it's tight in there.. very close tolerances.
  3. friday my muffler shop is going to attempt to install 50's on my car. i will let you know if they are successful or not. i have 40's on now and the boss (wife) thinks they are too loud
  4. Hale,

    The paint will work. Shouldnt have any problems. If your exhaust gasses are over 500ºF you're gonna have some interesting problems anyway.
  5. hale,
    sorry guy, 50's won't fit. anybody know how turbo's sound? thats what the muffler guy wants to try next week. i would like to know what they sound like first though.