Expired Mulitple Part Out Of A 2011 6 Cylinder

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Chris Dowling

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Aug 11, 2012
First off I am posting this for my father in law, as he is building a Pro stock car out of a wrecked 2011 Ford Mustang 6 cylinder he bought a couple months ago. Two weeks ago I completely gutted the entire car, to include the Motor, Tranny, and full interior. The Rear end is still installed until the car comes back from from the body shop (Rear ended in a traffic accident). I took some pictures of all the stuff for sale, and put it in a Photobucket album, ill include the link below. Here is every thing i know about the car. I will also post the link to the Youtube clip showing the running condition of the vehicle prior to motor removal.
Physical Location: Warren CT
Year: 2011
Motor: 6 Cylinder
Tranny: Automatic
Mileage: 20k
Color: White

Some of the things off the top of my head I know that are for sale are...

Leather interior ( Front and Rear Seats)
Steering Wheel
Seat Belts front and rear
Front Bumper
Front Head Lights
Drive shaft
Master Cylinder
Rear axle ( may be a month until its available)
Stock radio Setup
Entire HVAC system as seen in Photobucket mounted on firewall interior side.

If you see anything else you want, let me know. I know the NHRA regulates some of the parts that have to stay in such as the Door panels, carpet, dash, and so on, but like i said, let me know what you want and ill check to see if its available.. Call or text me at 910-584-9574 or email me at [email protected]

Link to Photos
http://s270.photobucket.com/albums/jj98/chrisdowling84/2011 Mustang/

Link to Video
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