Electrical Multifunction Switch

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  1. Does any one have a pic or diagram of the wires that go to the multifunction switch for a 86-89 mustang. When I removed the stock 3 of the wires came out of the connector.
  2. Thank you
  3. Before you think about replacing the multifunction switch with one from the junkyard, here's some things to be aware of...

    The problem is more common in GT models because they had fog lights on the same power wiring as the headlights. Ford undersized the wire and that caused problems.

    A word of caution about multifunction switches is in order here. The multifunction switch (high/low beam, wiper, turn signals) are different for different years. 87-98 will work in any 87-89 car. The 90-93 switches only work in 90-93 cars. You can't put an early model switch in a late model car, nor can you put a late model switch in an early car.

    Supposedly you can move the pins around to make the switches work in model years that are different from the car the switch came out of. I cannot verify that and haven’t tried it.

    Other possible problem sources for the turn signal & headlight malfunction are the ignition switch, multifunction switch and the plastic shell that holds the turn signal wiring connector pins.

    The following diagram is for 87-89 model cars.

    Turn signal switch wiring:
  4. thank you for the diagram i already bought a new malfunction switch for an 89 because the old one didn't feel like it would work
  5. I have 98 with same problem. Anyone have diagram with wire colors for that?
  6. First, this thread is like 4 years old, not bad but you need to post a thead in the sn95 tech section and you'll get responses from people that are working on the same model stang,