Multiple Mustang Crashes - Mustang Week 2014

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  1. The videos say they are private and cannot be viewed plus the video hosting site is ****ing retarded stupid with banner ads...

    And nowhere is the back story on why so many wrecks happened or why the cars were so close to people... Was it some kind of retard convention?
  2. From what I understand there is always a couple showoff's who end up wrecking their cars right there ever year at myrtle. I know a black termi lost control during a rolling burnout, crossed the median and wound up in jail. You think people would learn. :/
  3. YouTube is chalked full of these Mustang week wrecks. You can find some from nearly every year, someone always f*cks up. People knowingly & willingly stand just inches from the road to get a close up of the burn outs from when people leave the show. They're asking for trouble, and if they get swiped that's their own problem b/c they had to know the risks involved.
  4. I saw a brand new 5.0 head in a guard rail on the expressway about a week ago. One vehicle crash, him. Thing that I find interesting is he looked like he was 19. Although I never had a at fault accident in my life. If I had had that car when I was 19 (37 now) I probably would have wrecked it too.