Muscle Car Facts.

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  1. Here is some muscle car facts. Don't get your panties in a bunch like some other people at if the data, especially the mustang data is slightly off. For the most part it looks correct.
  2. The Fairlane info is pretty accurate.
    Pretty cool info.
  3. Thanks, I thought it would be interesting to see how the cars of yesterday performed. I believe with a set of good tires, cars such as the 442 W-30 and Chevelle 454 LS6 would be pulling mid to high 12s.
  4. The only fact I needed to know was that most of the Muscle Cars of the 60's and 70's weren't the 10-second street terrors we all grew up knowing them to be when we were kids. As cool looking and bad ass as they still are, most could now have their asses handed to them by modestly equipped family sedans. :(
  5. I agree. The Chevelles, Chargers and Mustangs of yesterday even with the monsterous big blocks just can't compete with what the factory is putting out these days. Don't get me wrong those cars are what made me fall in love with hot rods but technology has come a long way since then.
  6. I loved my '71 Buick Skylark. I guess it didn't rate good enough to be on the list.
  7. I know in '73 Hot Rod magazine got 13.5 seconds out of a SD 455 Trans Am. However, by the late '70s the Bandit was "racing" on Olds 403 and Turbo 4.9 power, but by then it was all about style, not speed.:nice:

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    Smokin' 400

  8. Funny you should mention the T/A. Although the normal Trans Am was a 6.6L, or 4.9L turbo option, the "Bandit" edition had a honkin 455ci big block (punched .030 over to 462cid) under the hood. It was rated at 380hp and 430lbs ft/tq. Bad ass, but still only good for low-14's.

  9. Lol at the Speedo vs Measured speed. Then they wonder why people get so many tickets.

    Also yikes on those brake distances.... 162ft for 60mph?!? Don't speed in school zones.
  10. Yes, I know that car, I believe they used a L75 455, which was just a normal smog motor of the time. So there would be room to tune it up for more power, but the company Trans Am Specialties wanted to keep it emissions legal. That's as far as they could go with a 4 barrel carb and a pair of 2 way cats.

    Look at this 5.3 liter Aston Martin Zagato V8 of 1986, 180 mph was considered fast back then, not now. Now it's a grocery getter. :D