Music styles :-D ?

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  1. I am a talk radio junkie. I rarely listen to music on the radio (read when my daughter is in the car with me I listen to music on the radio) though i like alot of the bands out today. I mostly do music at work and evenings. I like most any music and i have a hugeeee collection. Only music i can think of that i do not like is rap and motown. Stuff does nothing for me.
  2. Kickass.
    I saw Yngwie Malmsteen in Poughkeepsie not long ago. That guy is still amazing in concert.
  3. I'm not saying let's ditch the technical posts and such but come on.. we can all just relax and get to know each other.. i love reading the posts and gathering ideas but i'll always stop and post in a friendly forum too.. and there isnt many ii's around any more so we gotta all stick together and accept one another! :D
  4. Voice of opinion here.....In my cobra II I enjoy listening to rock and roll.
    The Cobra II's large hatch provides ample clearance for my Stratocaster and Amp. I started playing guitar in 1980 just after the Cobra II's manufacture in 1977.
  5. ~Metallica~~Metallica~~Metallica~
    :worship: :hail2: :worship: :hail2: :worship: :hail2: :worship: :hail2: :worship:
  6. I agree with BOTH sides as long as it doesnt get too far off base Im ok with it.
    :rlaugh: As for me... 80's New Wave Pop etc, BUT Never in the II cause I cant hear it over the.... plickety, plickety, plickety, waaaapaa! whaaaaapa! heh heh! :nice:

  7. I only like their first 3 albums. I was a big time metallica fan when Fade to Black was first aired on the radio.
  8. I listen to anything EXCEPT rap,hip hop or jazz.
    been getting into trance and techno last couple years,there does'nt seem to be anyone who can hang with the old rockers.
    not enough foot stompin country anymore either.
  9. Usually my II is blasting mix tapes of obscure blues bands. I like traditional jump blues, early Motown, & some modern blues -- Keb Mo, Ry Cooder, Ronnie Earl, etc. -- with the emphasis on "some."

    I play tenor sax in a jump blues band. . I really love the late 40's - early 50's Jump Blues; when Swing got dirty, the big 30-piece orchestras were whittled down to 5-8 pieces, and a honkin', growlin', screamin', wailin' saxophone was the star of the show. Red Prysock, Louis Jordan, Bull Moose Jackson, Big Joe Turner. This, incidentally, chill'ens, is where Rock and Roll came from. (If you think that Elvis invented Rock and Roll, you don't know Diddley. Bo Diddley, that is.) :p

    I played keyboards in an indie-rock (what's now called "Aggro") band for awhile, toured the college circuit, Europe, and had a moderate radio hit in Japan in '98 but never quite got famous. So I have an alternative station on my radio someplace, too.