Must See This Clutch!

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  1. image.jpg I changed my buddy's clutch out yesterday and all I can say is," None driven M*****F*****!"
  2. Wow, driven hard or dragging the clutch?

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  3. holy poo!!!
  4. I had a '65 GTO for awhile back in the mid '70s, had a nice built 69 400 motor, Hays steel flywheel (40 lb), Lakewood bell housing, Muncie M-22, 4.10s ..... and one night it was fine in 1-2 and ok in 2-3 and when I pulled 4th, rpms shot up and I let off and realized clutch was gone ..... we drifted into a p-lot. Towed home, pulled clutch next afternoon ..... what was a near new Zoom looked a lot like that.
  5. That is pretty bad lol, what did you replace it with?

    Nick C.