1. :scratch: another timeless loading story....it seems to never end
  2. 14 views and 1 reply. Fess up losers!
  3. I figured it out before I clicked on it but what the hey.

    dude something must be wrong with it because I waited about 6 hours and nothing happened.
  4. :stupid: :scratch:
  5. I don't get it...
    What is this "funny" you speak of?
  6. kill frog = dumb
  7. I'll try it as soon as I've got 6 hours available.
  8. I went to work and left it loading and 12 hours later, still nothing on a cable connection at that, dial up beware

  9. i have a dsl connection and still nothing a day and a half later
  10. I had it on since Saturday(when the thread was posted), and I still dont have anything!

    What gives?

    Maybe I have a computer problem? I know I had DSL service all weekend, as I was online and such.

    I dont understand?!?!

    Someone help!