Mustang 3.73 Gear Install

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  1. i know you guys have answered these questions but i was looking at ford racing gears on american and it includes the ring pinion pinion nut and shims for 160. can i still use mh factory shims or use the ones supplied
  2. Use the ones supplied. That's what I did
  3. Use new shims. I'm looking at the AM site and the Ford gears alone are $175

    Where do you see the gears and install kit for $160? Not to disuade you from the purchase, but LMRS sells the Ford gears, master install kit with the better gt500 pinion sleeve and bearings, friction modifier, and royal purple gear lube for about $250 before the Stangnet discount. Put this kit in my car 3 months ago.
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  4. That's what I used! And thought that kit is what he was talking about.:shrug: I didn't pay attention to his stated price.
  5. on american muscles site they have frpp gears with just the shims for 160. the ford number is m-4209-f373n
  6. we get a discount from latemodel if were on this forum i did not know that
  7. With my Bronco I went from 3.55's to 4.10's and used my factory shims. I seriously didn't even bother buying a shim kit. Back lash and pattern were perfect. I've been daily driving it for close to a year now and have no issues. Also with my car rear end. I went from 3.27's to 3.73's and used the shims from the 3.73 rear end and everything was perfect. But every single damn Chevy rear end we've had come through my shop has had to have a shim kit.
  8. what kind of gasket do I need for the upper and lower gt40 intake manifold on the e7 heads
  9. Search is your friend. It's been asked about 1000 times; or start a new thread if you want people to chime in.
  10. can I reuse my factory bearings that car has only 107,000 miles
  11. You could if you wanted. Most people would say that you might as well swap in new ones while you're there but if you wanna do a budget set up then go ahead and re use them because 107k isn't too bad I suppose.
  12. im only the third owner so it needs some mods
  13. dude, don't reuse the factory bearings. The car is 20+ years old. Do you really want to pull the rear end apart again because you went the cheapo route? Do it right the first time and be done with it. New bearings, seals, gaskets, for the carrier, axles, pinion, etc.
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  14. yeah im going to use the new bearings I need to know about the new shims with the kit
  15. What about them?
  16. should I start with the original shims then check the backlash and see if its in spec and go from there
  17. You could measure your old shims as a starting point, but I would use all new stuff.
  18. are the frpp gears the same pinion depth as the factory 2.73
  19. I did not know that either. How do we get the discount when ordering?