35th Anniv Mustang 35ths w/modifications

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by Red9935thGT, Nov 26, 2004.

  1. Sup everyone, just joined the site and I got a 35th anniversary stang. I have the performance red coupe, its a great car and ive had it for about 3 years. So what modifications do you all have on your 35ths? So far, I have Steeda pulleys, Mac cold air with K&N filter, 75mm accufab throttle body and intake plenum, 85mm Pro-m MAF, Mac cat back system with 3'' polished stainless tips, and I just got 18x9 bullitt rims with nexen 3000 tires today. Thinking about getting long tube headers and shorty pro-chamber w/cats early next year sometime.
  2. My mods are in my sig. I'm hoping to run some mid 12s when I get home for Christmas break.

    I also just started installing my bottle opener for my NX kit...strictly for the track...:)
  3. I have a Vortech S-Trim, boost pipe, dragon plenum and T/B, 90mmLMAF, 42lb. injectors, focus fuel pump, 3.73 gears, BBK O/R X-pipe, american thunder catback.

    btw - nice numbers Red9935thGT :)
  4. I also have some Steeda pullies for sale :D
  5. K&N filter
    Flowmaster 40's
    Richmond 3.73s
    tri-ax shifter
    Redline hood struts
    SS bumper inserts

    Soon to come when i return from Italy- Kenne bell 9psi kit...among other things

    Hoping to eventually run into low 12s to high 11s while keeping the exterior of the car BONE STOCK right down to the rims. :flag:
  6. Nice site smokin'red35th. Where in wisconsin are you from? i go up there all the time to visit my aunt int he summer. Are there any good cruise shows up there?
  7. click the link in my sig for mods.
  8. Your link doesnt work!
  9. Thanks! I live in Oconomowoc, 20 minutes west of milwaukee. Where does your aunt live? IF you check out www.cponygo.com there is alot of people on there from wisconsin and illinois. There is always something going on in the summer time. I am not sure what types of annual events go on in wisconsin tho, as i am never there anymore.
    Welcome to the site! nice to meet you :nice:
  10. She is from delivan, i think that is how you spell the city, anyhow yeah i go up there all the time. Maybe next summer we can go on a cruise night somewhere up there with a few other 35th limited edition friends of mine that i met in illinois, that would be pretty cool to go cruising with a few people who have the exact same version of my car. :)
  11. My current numbers are with a stock intake and a single fogger nozzle kit. I recently added an extrude honed bullit intake, return style fuel system, and a direct port kit made to fit. I haven't finished a little wiring or had it tuned but hopefully this week. Btw, a stock intake doesn't take to kindly to a 200 wet shot, lol.


  12. Hell yea, i would love to go on a cruise with you. However i am in italy until 06 and i dont think i'll be making it back home next summer. We'll definitely have to go on a cruise when i get back though. My girlfriend loves 35ths, especially red ones, so that would be fun. :nice: