Mustang 4 door?!?!?! WTF?

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  1. omg thats hideous if ford makes that im selling my stang and getting a t/a
  2. Not gunna lie. That ranger actually looks pretty cool i think...For a ranger at least.

    About the mustang, i would probably sell mine and buy a challenger if it came out.
  3. Trock is stoned!! wooo!!!!!
  4. Exactly what I was going to say, Fairlane.
  5. They have had bad ideas like that before.
  6. I never thought I'd have a reason to completely seperate myself from anything "Mustang", but this certainly qualifies. If this happens, the name is tarnished and I'm selling.

    It's a horrible idea naming it that. I thought they'd be smarter, but then again....
  7. it should definitely be a Galaxy 500
  8. i want one...
  9. Ford FTL if they go through with this
  10. Yeah no way should they do this!! Bring the Falcon from Australia over and give it a decent engine and I would be tempted to buy one. Put the Mustang logo on a four door or wagon and you bastardize the Mustang name and forget me ever buying one. The simple fact that a concept may exist is blashemy.

    FORD !!!! As one of your biggest supporters!! Don't do it!!!
  11. Not sure how making a 4-door or wagon affects anything for us 2-door lovers. Now if they started changing around the powerplant and performance to better fit with a "family" car, then we have a problem, but I don't see Ford doing that. They're spending way too much money and effort now creating a million different versions of the Mustang GT to appeal to mod lovers, I don't see them downgrading to fit a "family" model except for maybe changing the body styling.

    I wouldn't buy it as a 4-door or wagon, but I'd still love to have a 05+ stang....and here's why....

    They look better, have more power, and kick ass! So flame me now!
  12. This must be a joke, Would chevy make a 4 door vette? would Nissan make a
    4 door z. Now that Australian ford isnt too bad, they had a write up in MMFF
    last year and thats what they should go with.
  13. I hope the new Mustang doesn't look like that. Especially the front grill, wtf is Ford doing, it's gettin uglier and uglier?
  14. .........

  15. wtf kind of post is that?

  16. it'll never make it to production. and if it does ford will stop the production in a couple of years when those ugly bastards dont sell.
  17. Hell, if I had all the money in the world, I would buy every single one that rolled off the assembly line, and donate them to Monster Truck events
  18. DEMOLISION DERBY!!!!!!!!!! throw me the keys!!!!
  19. I was thinking the same exact thing today...
  20. No, but it has been done before...


    If Ford produces a 4 door Mustang I will probably just quit.

    What a pathetic idea, even if it is just a design study. This is worse than suing the aftermarket.

    If Ford so desperately wants a 4 door V8 why not follow GM's Holden Monaro copy paste idea an ship the Falcon XR8 over here...


    5.4 V8 with 4 doors... Sans the Mustang name...

    This is not a good idea.


    This is even worse...

    I think Ford should just skip the 4 door idea, and go straight to 6 door!


    Seems like an equally obscene move. :nonono:

    Sedans just never look right...