Mustang 4 door?!?!?! WTF?

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  1. you guys, keep in midn this is the same company that let the mustang II out of the plant and into public......

    so what? a stock height stang w/ ugly rims and a hood?

    oh wait.....

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  2. Some of you guys are not seeing the big picture...These cars would not be made and targeted at us. They would be made for the Baby Boomers who are buying the Dodge Magnums and Chargers because they all cruised V8 Wagons and 4 Doors when they were younger...the Mustang isn't even targeted at us but i thought we all knew this already. Until this generation of Baby Boomers are 6 feet under then Ford and every other major company will continue to target and make products they like. Younger people who buy Mustangs are just an added bonus.
  3. if ford made the 4 door, i would feel like i was driving a PT cruiser or something gay like that..
  4. :puke:

    they won't do it. They're way too much about heritage. They'll bring over a Falcon if they really need that kind of car.
  5. Ford only cares about heritage if it sells cars!!! This is the same company who was gonna axe the rwd mustang in favor of the fwd probe in the late 80's but because the mustang public found out about it and wrote a few hundred thousand letters complaining they didn't do it. Who would write those letters today? The current people who buy new mustangs are old and would love a mustang wagon to put their canes and walkers in.
  6. Now that is a nicely done 4dr sedan... and hell, with a 5.4 under the hood, that thing must have huuuuuge balls. If Ford brought that to the US, I would seriously consider buying one. However, if they take the Mustang and make a 4dr version, I will probably stop buying Fords all together, and hope others will do the same until eventually the company shrinks to oblivion and the owners spend the rest of their lives eating out of garbage cans.

    Also, "no boundaries" is a much better slogan than "Bold Moves"... what the hell is Ford doing that's bold? Nothing! 'No boundaries' is more fitting because their stupidity is endless.

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  7. Cmon man..... baby boomers arn't that stupid........ Nobody will buy them.
    The Magnums and Chargers were brought back from the dead. Some people
    actually do need 4-doors. Younger peolple typicly dont have families with kids.
    Mustangs are cheap and fast... thats why we like em:hail2:
    When my kids were younger I was driving 4-doors, I had 2 Maxima SE's, now
    my son has a BMW and my daughter is well out of the ole baby seat, so its back
    to 2-doors for me.
  8. But da 4 door Mustang means Muneez! We dont's gots da munneez overz hurz at Furds... An the land of OZ and the XR8 duzn't make sentz dood OK!

    So........ wure gona mek it, so git redy. [​IMG]
  9. That falcon looks good. I wish they had it here right now because the g/f is lookin for a sporty 4dr. and id tell her to buy it. Hell i might buy one myself and have her keep the fucus.
  10. Seriously, it should have been here 3 years ago...







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  11. Ford would be dumb to change the mustang into a 4 door. I agree with everyone that said bring us the XR8. RWD V-8 manual tranny 4 dr just what america needs. FalconXR-8 please...
  12. As long as we're at it...


    :lol: :shrug:

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  13. Yeah, those pictures make me want Ford to bring that car over here even more... looks so nice
  14. :lol: yeah that would be good for bolstering sales!

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  15. Its the mustang limo
  16. its about time, that idea was retarded, but i would like the see the falcon move over here, i like them
  17. YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... that was such a lame idea!!! NOW I WANT A FALCON! lol
  18. pics of the 2010 concept?? first post mentioned it...havent seen
  19. Thank God!