Mustang 5.0 1990 Transmission

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  1. I need im guessing a T-5 Mustang GT 1990 5.0L Transmission. My transmission went earlier today it grinds in every gear and when i dont have my foot on the gas it grinds terribly while driving.. I dont have tons of money but i was looking for a rebuilt one or a good one in good shape.. Please help

    Appreciate anything you can do for me.

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  2. where do u live?
  3. Does it grind when you are at a stop and try to put it in gear? If so, you have clutch adjustment problems.

    If it grinds anytime the car is in motion, you have something inside the trans tearing up.

    The T5's from 85 to 93 V8 Mustangs are interchangeable and are pretty much the same. Some have better ratings than others and have different gear ratios. A rebuilt with standard internals will cost $450-$600 depeding on who you know and how good you are at finding bargains. If you can do it yourself, the cost drops to half that or less.

    I don't know how you feel about the DYI thing when it comes to gears, some people don't like the idea of working on transmissions. If the DYI transmission fix idea isn't something that you would rather leave to someone else, here are some resources:

    See to download a FREE service manual for T5 or Tremec 3550
    You will need the Adobe Acrobat viewer which is also a free download –

    See or for parts

    A T5 rebuild kit with syncros, bearings and other small parts costs about $160-$190. It does not include any gears or shafts. also has a video on how to rebuild your T5 or Tremec. It costs less than $20, and is worth every penny of it.

    I did a Tremec 3550 rebuild, and it wasn't that difficult. The video was an immense help, and I would recommend viewing it. At $20, it will give you an opportunity to look and decide for yourself if you think that it is something you want to try to do.
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