Mustang 67 engine project


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May 28, 2018
I have a 1967 Mustang Hardtop and I am starting the preparation of the engine. Firstly I bought an 302 from a 1969 Mustang and now I am aiming in a preparation that give me around 400HP. The car will be used on streets, maybe once a week just for fun. To achieve this power I was thinking to put the following items:

- carburator : Holley 750cfm
- intake manifold : Edelbrock Victor Jr. Intake Manifolds 2921
- cylinder heads : Edelbrock Performer RPM Cylinder Heads 60255
- cam : Thumpr Hydraulic Flat Tappet Camshaft Complete Kit Lift .491"/.476" Duration 279/296 RPM Range 2200-5800
- kit stroker : Scat 1-94165 - Ford 302 Series 9000 Cast Street/Strip Rotating Assembly 347ci
- water pump : FlowKooler Hi-Flow Mechanical Water Pumps 1650
- oil pump : Ford Performance Parts High-Volume Oil Pumps M-6600-D2
- coil : PerTronix Flame-Thrower II Ignition Coils 45011
- Distributor : PerTronix Flame-Thrower Plug and Play Billet Distributors with Ignitor II® Module D130700

Since this is my first project and I live in Brazil (so I have to import all the parts), I would like to know some opinions and tips about this setup.

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Apr 27, 2001
Cincinnati Ohio
The Victor Jr is a great intake but if you are using the Performer RPM heads why not use the Performer RPM intake? These are dyno matched to work together. I'm not saying your setup is a bad setup but if you want edelbrock then why not match them? You can also call the Edelbrock tech line and tell them your ideas and they will help you with your choices. They also carry entire assemblies that include cam, lifters, intake, heads etc that are dyno matched assemblies.
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