~Mustang and Chevelle pic whoring~

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  1. Sweet looking red X's!
    Just kidding man, but your pics are not coming up.
  2. yea i kno i just found out lol...gimme 2 min...its worth it....i think....
  3. What he said! NEWB
  4. hahaha pics are fixed:D
  5. looks awesome man!!
  6. Damn I love your cars! :nice:
  7. Nice, I see you have strategically took those pictures so you hide your front fender, good job:nice:
  8. you figured me out:D its acutally the whole front clip...guess i still tricked ya!
  9. AHHAHA the whole time I was looking at those pics I was thinking the same thing! Cant fool us! Two tone mustangs woot!
  10. chyeaaaa...if you didnt know it was 2 tone, could you tell??
  11. Damn, Mike....those cars are hot... Something about your car just....y'know.....does it for me....:nice:
  12. makes you splooge ehh?:D

    haha i think its cause i know how to sport tri-bars hahahaha

  13. I think I need some lessons on that :D
  14. lower it...best thing i did to the car next to exhaust....

  15. That will be done this spring..

    Winter needs to disappear :bang:
  16. tell me about it man...snow is a pain in the ass, the cold is a pain in the ass...precipitation is pretty much a pain in the ass...why cant every day be 65* and sunny?:rolleyes:
  17. sweet stang... and man that Chevelle is just :hail2: :hail2: :hail2:
  18. thanks!