~Mustang and Chevelle pic whoring~

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  1. Bud of mine just got this on the road after 7 yrs of full restoration...70 SS396 slighltly warmed over...Missing some small detail stuff but a badass ride....This has a small cam and I can't believe how sweet it sounds...LTs with 3.5 exhaust and Flowmasters with tails...The sound at idle is so damn nice...Big blocks have a sound all there own...:hail2:

    I tried to talk him outta the Cragar SS rim's be he wouldn't hear if it...Wanted that old school look...


  2. thats a badass car....chevelles and old camaros are of the few chevy's i 'd own....
  3. That reminds me.

    I told my little bro I'd give him my mustang when I go to grad school and the last time I called my mom, she said the little guy was saving his money to pay for insurance.:) He's 10.

    Little bros. rock cuz they listen and do whatever you tell em to.
  4. yea man, hes the best kid ever.....just hilarious...:lol:
  5. Sweet pics! Its cool to see another "family" that's into the car hobby, there's not too many of us.
  6. sweet rides man! likin the reds :)
  7. thanks man...he used to pull the chevelle to the track with an electric red bronco....and the chevelle is electric red too....hes obsessed:D
  8. i hear ya man, everytime i do something to my car i have to hear about it for like 2 weeks. Straight ****ing. lol. it would be nice to see my dad start helping me when i was working on my ride. nice cars by the way. for some weird reason your car looks good with those rims. lol
  9. HAHA thanks?? yea i was thinkin the same thing...too bad they are comin off.....
  10. Donate the tribars to me! :nice:
  11. aite ill sell em for like $150ish w/o tires:D thats when i get the money for new wheels:nice: you get first dibs:SNSign: