Mustang Anniversary

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  1. 9 million sold since '64
  2. @Noobz347 Can we fix the spelling here, gramer Nazi..... Please and Thank you!

    I can attest to personally being 3 out of that 9,000,000.
  3. to whomever it may concern; I apologize
  4. LMFAO, you just left yourself too wide open when the subject heading is not spelled correctly
  5. Celebrity roast?
  6. There is never really a good time to use that so I figured your terrible spelling was an opportunity for a pot roast?
  7. I've actually bought only 2 new ones but have owned a few extra along the way:) I kinda wonder how well the new one is going to sell. I know that ford is trying to go more global and that will help the numbers but...?
  8. Damn you! I'm always the fat guy eating the popcorn lol
  9. I hear talk of a turbo 4 cyl.. Not too cool
  10. Why not?

    There's life beyond v8s. Not my cup of tea, but a 270HP turbo mustang would prob be quicker than some of the fox 5.0s on this board.
  11. Shoot 270HP turbo 4 bangie. I'll take one.
  12. on my 7th stang. Currently own 2.

    Saw the pics of the 2015. Need to see one in person before I make a decision. Interior looks amazing. Front end looks like a fusion. Not impressed at all with the engine choice... same v6 and v8 hp rating. It should be at least 450 for the V8.
    Anaversary? lol.... :doh:
  13. I read 305hp for the ecotech 4 banger, 300 for the V6, and 420 for the Coyote. Bigger valves, bigger cams, and a wider range on the cam timing for the V8 to get the extra power. I thought the interior wasn't that great. No pass on the Chinese transmission again; not even remotely interested. Put a TR6060 in it, and I'll think about buying one.

  14. bigger valves, cams etc for 8 hp?? how about a real tune
  15. Technically, the 2013 had 420 hp; all of this upgraded engine talk is linked to language that reads "will have more than 420 hp". The future tense suggests that they don't have it rated yet; it could also imply that they will increase output later after initial release.

    I have read that the gearbox has been re-worked, but there has been no confirmation that the transmission is still the Chinese-built one. I think it is safe to say that it is still built in China, but it remains to be seen how good this re-worked gearbox will be.

    I think test drives are going to be ubercritical. And I can't wait to test drive one.
  16. I wonder if the 10 speed auto will be ready for 2016.
    That would be a nice option.
  17. fixt

    Oh and...

    How about this one instead?


    Then this:

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