mustang autocross?

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  1. is the mustang a good car for autocross? or is it too heavy for that kind of thing? Anybody do it with theirs?
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  3. I know of lots of people that use them for auto cross. I'm sure they would be competitive if set up right. This is something that I would love to get into. I personally think that the auto cross would be more fun than drag racing.

  4. I do too. Gee, I thought I was alone there!!! But you have to admit drag racing is much more eh, hem... convienient shall we say? :D
  5. They're not the best cars for AutoX, but it sure is damn fun! I regularly AutoX mine, and so does fowler86gt. Driving skill is more important than a badass car. I've beaten much "better" cars because they have crappy drivers. And I've been beaten by "crappy" cars because the driver is better than I am. I say take your car out there, have some fun and see how good of a driver you can become.

    My car on the front straight of California Speedway, about 130mph

    My car at the AutoX (before 5lug conversion and Bullitt rims)


    fowler86gt's car at Willow Springs

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  6. That is what im actually doing, is building my mustang up for auto cross. the coupes are the best i heard for auto cross just because they are lighter then the hatchbacks but you can make any car light as possible. weight redux.

  7. I was told by a guy i know with like an 84 gt i think, he says that the 2.3 turbo mustangs run faster in autoX just because they dont weigh much up front. I would think it would too...
  8. A must read for auto x rs

    The mustang performance handbook 2 by william r mathis. this is a must read has everything you wanted to know about auto crossing. He explains all the pitfalls of the suspension geometry of the fox body mustangs and the fixes for them. I myself love to go around corners, so you are not alone Chris
  9. how do you get your car on an autocross for fun? do you need to pass an inspection? what if your car is stock? can you like "rent" the track? I know the sebring track is not too far from here, do i have to wait for some kind of special event so i can do a few laps?
  10. Go to the Sports Car Club of America's website

    Find your local division and contact your area director. They'll probably help you out.
  11. We have a tech inspection here. Easy to pass. No leaks, battery strapped down, helmet. About as basic as that. I autocross for fun. No way I'm going to win in my class. Just pay your fees, make your runs, and go home with a hugeass smile on your face!

    I bet a SVO would do better. Better front end suspension, lighter, and not too much torque. I was actually closer to my friends car when I had a stock motor. Now that I have a built 327, all it does is roast the tires. Even the Autocross tires (VictoRacers). Traction? What's that! :crazy: Even rolling in to the throttle, I end up roasting the rear tires. But it's damn fun each and every time!

  12. DAmn, that sounds awsome, maybe when im rich ill build an autocross fox for fun :)
  13. I am setting up an autocross Mustang from my old 1987 LX 5.0. It is lighter than the GT and easily modified. Unlike most racing genres, autocross is less about the motor and more about suspension/chassis. Those are both shortcomings for the foxbodies. A little time and effort can produce one helluva autocross Mustang though. My mods (as well as those in the works) are as follows:

    Front and Rear strut/shock tower braces
    Subframe connectors
    Front/Rear Tubular Sway bars (stronger and lighter weight!)
    Lowered springs
    Caster/camber plates
    Upper/Lower rear control arms
    Torque Arm
    Roll cage (not necessary, but safety is always first!)
    Rear Axle Truss
    All bushings are polyurethane

    The Motor is a stock 5.0 with a few ideas on how to get a few extra ponies out of the Speed Density setup.

    Ford Cobra intake (can also use Intakes from 5.0 Explorers '95+)
    65mm Throttle Body
    GT40 heads
    X-pipe (or off road pipe)
    High Flow mufflers
    155 lph fuel pump
    adjustable fuel pressure regulator
    24lb injectors
    CAM with around 112-114 degree center lobe (vacuum is important for SD motors!)