Mustang Blowfish Racing Shifter Support Bracket 2011-2014

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Mar 5, 2010
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If you haven't seen by now CJ's is the GO TO spot for the next hot item in mustang performance. If you haven't seen said item watch the video below as Bill installs one on our CJ race car. We have a very large order coming in so pre-order now to make sure you're one of the first to get the new support bracket.

Blowfish Racing SSB-01-000 Mustang Support V6/GT/Boss 2011-14

Today we are installing a Shifter Support Bracket from Blowfish Racing. This bracket is for all manual shifting mustangs from 2011-2014.

This This Shifter Support Bracket is the cure for the shifting problems of the MT82. It essentially takes the MT82 shifter from being a remote shifter and turns it into a solid mount so it functions like a T-56. Additionally it also becomes a certified driveshaft loop.

This Shifter Support Bracket will fit both stock and aftermarket shifters and includes all mounting hardware. This patented design is the only 1 of its kind on the market.

Installation was very simple and straight forward and should take about an hour. Once on the car we couldn't believe how noticeable it was as soon as we pulled out of our parking lot. The transmission is tighter, goes into gear easier and feels better when power shifting. All Around great product.
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