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  1. Have a couple of Mustang books for sale plus some other vintage car books, coffee table size, all in great shape, each $5 + $3 shipping. Can combine shipping if you buy more than one. Please email me if interested. [email protected]

    Great American Automobiles of the 60's, R. Langsworth, over 300 pages.
    Covers just about every model of the 60's, loaded with great color photos and nice written content. Includes all the 60's regular cars and muscle cars, and even Rambler and Studebaker. Great book.

    They Don't Make 'Em Like That Anymore, Robert Knapp, Approx. 125 pages.
    Great color photography of wonderful cars from the 40's and 50's in beautiful surroundings. Includes such rare cars as Hudsons, Packards, Crosley, Darrins, etc., as well as the top models from the big 3. Magazine size.

    Hot Cars, Head to Head, J. Peene, approx 225 pages. Wonderful color book with development history, performance data, full specs, and driving comparisons between some of the greatest cars ever. Includes Cobras, XK-E vs Corvette, Mustang Mach 1 vs. Cameros, Ferraris, Lambos, BMW 540 vs. Taurus SHO and vintage classic battles such as '56 T-Bird vs. '56 Corvette and Mustang GT vs. Camaro 396. Great book.

    Mustang by Jim Campisano, approx 120 pages.
    Good color photos of all Mustangs, including early rare limited editions like the High Country, and of course the Shelbys, as well as good year by year coverage of all models. Lots of good info and specs for the restorer.

    Mustang, The Complete History of America's Pioneer Ponycar by Gary Witzenburg, over 200 pages.
    This is a production of Automobile Quarterly, which as you probably know, does extremely comprehensive work. Mostly covers the early cars, lots of specs, charts with codes, engine charts, etc. Great book for the restorer or collector. This one book has mostly black and white period photos, with some color photos. Includes lots of early pre-production design photos and concept cars. Magazine size book.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.