Mustang Build Sheets??

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  1. I've read in various forums about people getting "build sheets" from Ford for their Mustangs. Does anyone know how to do that? Can you use build date on door post sticker and VIN nto contact someone at Ford to get one? Who? Thanks for your help.
  2. Newer Mustangs (and Fords in general, it seems) don't have a build sheet like older models do. Ford has switched to putting most of the same information on the window sticker. Your local For service department should be able to reprint a window sticker for you, though.
  3. Build sheet data

    Thanks for your help. I just talked to the service manager at the dealership where my car was sold new, and he says he can't pull up anything that is not in current inventory. We talked for several minutes and he tried some things, but said my giving him my VIN wouldn't help. Referred me to Inernet forums or MCA.
  4. Your dealer CAN get you a window sticker. I bought a car a couple of years ago that had been in inventory for a long time. The sticker was lost. He got me a copy a couple of months after the sale.
  5. My dealer printed me a 4 page "Vehicle Detail" sheet on my ordered Mustang. It came from Ford's Vehicle Visibility website that is available to dealers. It lists everything the car does and doesn't have.
  6. I recently contacted Ford's Research Department through the Ford website asking for a copy of my '99 LE's window sticker & heres their reply.....

    Got a voicemail today from a Research Specialist stating the "build sheet" will take 7-10 business days to get here. They also said copies of the window sticker are no longer available anywhere for my model year....
    Best thing is that this is FREE of charge!