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  1. So I figure I will toss up some photos of the familys Mustangs. They are all still owned by us, other than the 94 GT and the 86 vert. We also have a Reef Blue daily beater that is for sale now :D

    1991 Mustang LX: 393, AFR 185s, FR Intake, Carb, 690 lift solid roller, Jericho.
    9.93 @ 136

    1966 Mustang Coupe: 6cyl, stock.

    2006 Mustang GT: Stock, lowering springs, 18" wheels, Axle back.
    13.7x @ 101
    1986 Mustang GT: GT40Ps, Cobra intake, 4.10s, exhaust.
    12.14 @ 111

    1986 Mustang vert: Stock, 17x9 Cobra Rs
    1994 Mustang GT: Off Road H, Catback, 3.73s, CAI, Cobra rims.
    1989 Mustang GT: Catback, 3.55s, 3550, shifter, Ebrock intake, CAI, 5-lug with cobra rims.

    1989 Mustang LX: E7s, Cobra intake, exhaust, 3.73s.
    12.53 @ 107
  2. wow is all i can say.... :nice:
  3. are the rims on the 06 stock? I didnt know they came with such a large lip.
    a set of those would look absolutely killer on a fox
  4. No, they are Konig rims, I believe. My brother bought it with the factory 17s expecting to buy some aftermarkets. It has a ductail spoiler, Kaenan hood, to scale shelby stripes, springs out back and the 18s with Nitto tires for looks. It's just a cruiser/car show car which explains the so so track numbers (only been a coupld of times with it, when it was bone stock).
  5. Very nice stable!!
  6. Your have an incredible family thats for sure. Im the only one in mine that cares about cars...

    Not to thread jack, but I like the idea of a "Post your Stable" thread so heres mine. Only car I dont own now is the 84 SVO :(

    66 Mustang Sprint 6. My first car, the reason Im a Mustang nut. 200ci, T5, GN Turbo.




    84 SVO: My first Foxbody. The one that gave me the Fox bug.




    90 LX Coupe. Original 5.0 5speed car. My current DD/Weekend drag car.



    My Room-mate and best friend since Highschool owns the red 98 GT Drop top seen in the background as well as a 67 coupe which were converting from 6cyl to 351W. Thats my 77 F100 pullin the 66 as well. Its used for parts hauling and as a driver when the Mustangs arent feelin so hot :D


    I know there are others who have some impressive stables...lets see em!
  7. Wow looking good everyone...I don't have time right now but I will post up every car I have owned if anyone cares haha...

    Oh and Brian...someone needs to sell me that black GT!!
  8. Is your Mom's coupe a Sprint car as well??? The lack of the Chrome in the C channel by the door and the center console on a 6cyl make that package stand out. I sold my console tho :nonono: Helped fund the tranny swap tho!
  9. Lol, we went through hell and back trying to find my sister a good condition black GT with a 5-speed. But shes happy with it for the time being.

    I'm not sure if hers is a sprint 6. Is there anyway to tell? All I know is a 6cyl auto, in decent shape and getting a restoration one day.
  10. that 86 sure pulled the front up!

    Your Dad's car is my wallpaper!

    Thanks for sharing the pics :nice:
  11. 25th, nice looking stangs your family has there :nice:. Dad's car looks like it launches like a beast, looks like it has a nice suspension set-up in it.
  12. Thanks, dads car has come a long way. Was going 14s back in the late 90s early 2000s. Then did a Factory Stock type set up and got low 12s, and the 1/8th numbers for high 11s with it. Then he built the 393 in it for the bottle. It went from 10.30s to 9.93s with a gear change and some driving. Still has more in it. Also been low 1.4 high 1.3 60's, and sometimes hangs the tires until the 1-2 shift. Fun car to race at the track, thats for sure. :D

    Brothers 86 has some suspension stuff, and has been 1.5x 60's more than once. Suspension can make or break the pass with any car!
  13. The Sprints had a few chrome dress up parts from the factory, air cleaner with blue "Sprint 200" decal, oil cap and hood lip under the FORD letters. They took away the Chrome bars on the C stripe and inside they put a console. Its nothing too aweful special, but always fun to see others out there.
  14. That turbo 66 is MINT, how much for that?:hail2::D
  15. I agree, those pro shots of the 66 there look awesome!

    White walls front and back would look nice! Old school look.
  16. sick cars in here... 25th, your dad's race car is ridiculous... do you have any pics of the motor/suspension or the interior? is it a track-only car with a gutted interior or does it see some limited street duty? i'm partial to the color myself for some reason :rolleyes: thanks!
  17. Track only car. Let me find the engine bay shots if I can. The interior is more or less gutted. Has carpet, race seats, dash and a cage, but other than that most of it's removed. The suspension is tubular K, Aarm, coil overs, and all the rear components done.
  18. LOL...thats my first car, shes far from mint but takes great pics lol. I had a guy try to buy it off me at a couple stop lights the other night, i kept sayin thanks but no thanks, every light we stopped at he upped his offer LOL.


    Those wheels and tires were done outta necessity, but Im startin to dig the "different" look. The day before a BIG local message board's track day at Bowling Green some punk slashed 2 of my tires and I wasnt gonna miss that track day so I grabbed some whitewalls from the 67 were workin on and was on my way! Im workin out some coolant problems with the car right now and then Im gonna try to get her tuned...see what I can get outta the ole 6 banger!

  19. 25th, That is quite the fleet. Definitely a "family of fine cars" :nice:.

    66sprint6, Do you have any pics of the engine bay? That coupe is killer.