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  1. Im diggin the inside door pannel :nice:, i need to do something with mine .
  2. It's stock from the 89 (might be 90, not 100% sure) and earlier cars. Carpet on the bottom, seat fabric in the middle.
  3. Well why not, here is my stable which first opened in 1999. I don't have pics of EVERY car I have owned, but the ones I didn't take pics of are nothing to care about anyway...

    Camera Shy:
    1992 Toyota Camry girl's old DD
    1990 Bronco II (owned for a week - need to clean first) Current Beater
    2002 Focus SE - girl's DD

    The order is not 100% correct, but I will do my best to get the chronology right...and sorry for bad quality on some pics...some were taken before I had a digital camera...

    First Car: 1985 Mustang GT 5-speed

    1984 Bronco II 4x4 2.8 5-speed

    1985 Mustang GT T-Top 5-speed (first car driven with my license)

    1991 Mustang LX 5.0 Black on Black 5-speed

    1997 Mustang Cobra

    1987 Mustang GT Parts Car
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    1979 Mustang 2.3 Turbo 4-speed

    1995 Taurus SHO ATX
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    1984 Mustang GT 5-speed
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    1989 Mustang LX 5.0 5-speed
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    1992 F-150 4x4 Shortbed 5.0 5-speed

    1989 Mustang GT 5-speed

    1988 Mustang LX 2.3 Turbo 5-speed

    1986 Mustang GT parts car

    1996 Ranger STX 4.0 5-speed Supercab 4x4
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    2003 Mustang GT 5-speed True Blue

    1992 Mustang LX 5.0 5-speed
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    1998 F150 4x4 Supercab 4.6 auto
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    1989 Mustang GT AOD - T5 swap

    1996 Volvo 850 5-speed

    1993 Ford Escort LX - you can kinda see the Camry mentioned above in this pic - bought as a temporary beater and now is driven by my sister
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  4. man, after seeing your dad's car i'm really thinking of painting my body mouldings back to flat black now... what do you think 25th? :shrug: i'm losing sleep over this decision haha
  5. I've always been a fan of the body colored moldings, but it's kind of a toss up to me!
  6. Nice family stable man. Needs some springs on that white SN95 I hated when mine sat up like that.
  7. White SN95 is gone, replaced it with the black 89 GT. She wanted a standard and a fox body.

    I had lowering springs for it though, but never put them on before the car sold.
  8. Some beautiful cars in here!!! I will post pics of my stable soon. Just sold my Bright Atlantic Blue DD yesterday :(
  9. Car now...

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    Old '91 Georgia Highway Patrol Car...

    View attachment 264776

    1995 Saleen S351R... (dyno video)

    View attachment 264777

    1966 Shelby

    View attachment 264778

    Don't have pictures of the '69 Boss 302 or Mom's 2003 Mystic Blau M3, or the brother's 1992 7-Up Convertible fox. The fox body cars are/were mine, the Saleen/Shelby/Boss are Dad's cars that I help with and get to drive occasionally (the Saleen fairly often). Oh, and with a better tune and 60 lb/hr injectors, the Saleen made 504/508 at the rear-wheels with a stock pully on the S trim.
  10. Here's my pony's

    68 Fastback SBF, T56 and 4.30 gears


    View attachment 243572

    And the Daily, 40th GT black on black 5 speed 3.73's

  11. WOW what a family of MUSTANGS!!!!!! what a site to see:nice: when i had my 86 GT back in 1990 2 of my other brothers had foxbody mustangs too was fun!. Anyway i think the KING of this thread is your dads car!!!!BADASS!:nice:
  12. might as well post something not the best but hope you like.
  13. thank you for saving that white vert from chrome-wheel-well-trim-and-dirty-turbines hell :hail2:
  14. Holly hell that was hiddious! It's amazing what a few things did to make that car literally look twice the value. From embarrassed to proud.
  15. Thanks. His car is a lot of fun to drive too. Very glad we talked him into keeping it a manual tranny. High 9s to low 10s are fun, but when your banging gears, it's even more so!

    Cold air is approaching here in New England... Lets see what the car can do then. :D
  16. Do you have any plans on going to the track before the season is out?
  17. 25th i would kill for that black gt
  18. I might tag along for the ride to Tasca day at NED, but taking my car to the track will most likely not happen. I have to get into the house and get it in storage. I simply have NO time for it.

    The black GT is a nice clean car, but slow as can be! LOL.