Mustang / Cobra Jackets

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  1. Anyone know where to find a new Mustang or Cobra Jacket?

    You know like the original factory race teams wore. Nylon outer, usually blue with Blue fur/fleece on the inside.
    They had a Mustang or Cobra Patch on top of a Strip running up one side of the zipper. A FORD patch on one arm and American Flag on the other.
    My old one shrunk (I might have grown around the middle as well :mad: ) in the wash.
    I've seem some used ones on ebay but I want a new one. I hate to think that they aren't being made anymore. I've been wearing them for years.

    Back in high school I'd have my Cobra jacket and the socially akward Mopar guys would wear a puffy blue parka soaked with ATF. (Why was it that the Mopars guys were always such geeks?) Much cooler than those gay "Member's Only" jackets the Chevy guys wore.
  2. Try your Ford dealer. I found some old school Cobra jackets at a "performance" counter at a Ford dealer. I ended up buying a regular Ford jacket for my son, kind of pricey, but a Mustang specialty shop couldn't come through fast enough for a Christmas present (3 months in advance) but that's another story.
  3. I love mine, got it a few years ago.
    I think it was from "dearborn classics" on the web.
    Mine is the traditional blue. A guy at work has one that's dark red.
    Those are the only two I know of.
    I get a lot of comments about it.


    not sure
  4. There are some on e-bay
  5. i have an old motorcraft racing jacket that i've only worn just a couple of times (mostly because it's white) i got in when i was in high school and i have definitely grown some in the middle myself since then, i wonder how much one of those is worth nowadays
  6. just make your own buy a dickies jacket and go to the swapmeet and
    find your patches
  7. yeah check the local dealer,we used to wear those as part of the "uniform" back at the dealer:)

    used to cost about 17 bucks,wonder what they are now???