mustang coil into 97 ranger

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by kramer, Apr 15, 2013.

  1. so i just bought a 97 ranger with he 3.0 in it today , very very nice truck , i bought it because my mustang started knocking , its well over 300,000 miles and well ive done a few things to it , most things i know wont convert over , but the coil pack just might, i cant find any info on it , but anyway i bought it off of american muscle a while back and dont want to see it go to waste , its an accel super coil for the 95 mustang 3.8 , so if anyone knows anything about rather or not i could use this in my ranger thatd b great , i really dont want to **** anything up thats y im asking , thanks