Mustang Competition

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  1. A 1/4 mile trap speed of 111 MPH = Blows any stock GT out of the water. And most GTs with the basic bolt ons. It's 1993 all over again.
  2. Only until 2011. If its that important get the dealer installed supercharger with the 2010 along with 3.73 gears and watch the Camaro disapear.
  3. The FRPP Mustang in Motor Trend (or whatever Mag it was) did not trap 111. It trapped I believe 108 or 109.
  4. And the manual Camaro only trapped 107. Like I say wait until 2011 when the Stang has a better motor. Not to mention we're giving up allot of cubic inches. A Roush 427R will cost about the same as the SS and have a bit more hp. Don't know if its as fast or not but I imagine its got to be close considering the weight difference advantage. Thats what I love about Mustangs is that there are so many options available from the factory, dealership or speciality makers. Not to mention the huge aftermarket out there.

    I'll admit the Camaro is a beast but the question remains will they actually be able to build it? And will anyone be able to buy it? My company makes a compnent for the Camaro and we as of yet have made an initial trial of 200 pcs and I think another small run this month. I have never seen a new model get pushed back as much as this one has, ever. We're talking 6 months pushed back so far from what is normal.

    Anyone notice in the Genesis vs Mustang vs 370Z that the Genesis got a jump in the 1/4 and still got killed?
  5. At 1:18... V8 Manual... 13.0 @ 111 MPH

    V8 Auto: 13.1 @ 107.5

    That will toast any stock or mildly modified GT Mustang.

    I don't like the Camaro. I really think it's an ugly car. I'm just tired of Mustang guys trying to make it sound like any mildly modified GT will keep up with one. It won't. Much less any stock GT. Like it or not, Ford has left us hanging again. Back to 1993 we go!
  6. Interesting calculater for 0-60 mph - thanks for sharing it. I plotted my 1/4 mile times slips from last season and my own graphing showed a 0-100 mph of 9.9 seconds, with 0-60 mph in 3.7 seconds. The calculator you linked showed my car's estimated 0-60 mph at 3.5 seconds (just slightly quicker than I graphed).
  7. 2011?? :shrug:
  8. And what in 2011 do you foresee happening? There is no proof of anything yet.