Mustang Coupe Sub Enclosure

Discussion in 'Mustang Sound & Shine All' started by coupes, Dec 26, 2003.

  1. Hey dudes hows it going,
    I'm here asking anyone with a mustang coupe for info on creating a sub box enclosure for the trunk. If you know about this you know that i'm not working with alot of room. I got 2 12's and i'm thinking of a sharp angle 3 sided sub box enclosure..

    If you got specs i can use to create this or ANY info on creating it better. then please reply thanks alot guys i really appreciate it.

    it's not going to be ported or anything
  2. are you wanting to use the trunk for suitcases/shopping/anything? This is an important factor in deciding if you want to use a ported or sealed setup... also... what subs and what amp?