Mustang Now Open!!!!

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by coupes, Dec 18, 2003.

  1. alrighty boys,
    i worked through the night to bring you the newest site in mustang coupes, Great site, brand new. Huge 100+ gallery pictures from around the net, Lots of great photoes collected. A forum that is dedicated to coupes everything. Ariticles, and a great community for the coupe owners. I hope you like what i have been making for the last couple weeks.This will turn out to be a great site i hope that you all enjoy.

    Drop by for a visit.

    Tell me what you think.
  2. thanks for making this site..
  3. All i ask in return is for you guys to submit MORE pictures to me at [email protected] to put in the gallery, also just spread the word around :) that's all i ask :) Glad you like it dude
  4. Will keep you in mind :) thanks for taking an interest.
  5. Looks like potential...i'll check it out more later. :nice:
  6. The sites doing awsome so far on this opening day we have hit 200 hits and ppl are submitting there pictures for the gallery , AWSOME JOB GUYS! keep it coming tell ur friends
  7. cool...u might wanna post this is talk or have a mod move it...more mustang "browsers" cruise thru there not in teh tech forum. good luck with the site
  8. hmm whats with the comments on teh pics....alot of people are gonna ask u to remove their pics with those comments...u got comments on sweetass cars that sound like u dislike them...yet a riced out mustang with a huge erector set wing u say u love it. :shrug:
    anyway, will u accept GTs on teh site? i seen 1 or 2 but not sure if u want them.
  9. The comments on the website image gallery are more comical of anything, i put the comments on as a funny means, but if anyone finds there comment rude or that i dissed them i'd love for them submit there comment along with there picture, lol it gets hard to come up with new comments after doing 100 before that one lol. But if anyones offended they can email me and ask me to change it.. but most of the comments are more comical.. didnt mean to offfend :) just have fun. Wont accept gt's because it's a coupe site, but you can email me them for personal viewing love to see them :)
  10. you mean, i cant have my gt on there? *sniff
  11. lol sorry dude. :)