Mustang Decals

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  1. Hi All
    I was just about to order a rear bumber decal.And I couldnt decide on reflective or non reflective.I was leaning to non reflective as my stang is Silver and wanted the contrast but you guys know a lot more about this than I do being a humble stang newb.
    Just like to hear you thoughts.
  2. i say no shine i think it will only look tacky. It really depends on what you like though.
  3. Yeah, it really depends on your personal preference. I went w/ silver decals for my black GT (not the reflective chrome) because I didn't want it to look flashy. My friend has a silver 03 GT, and he went with the black inserts, they look really sharp. I think they will look better than stock either way you go, but like I said, and was previously stated, it's all about personal preference, good luck!:nice:
  4. On a silver car you MUST go black...

    Ive gone that route on 3 cars now...

    silver mustang... black rear decals.
  5. I have the black refelctive decals on my rear bumper. 90% of the time they are black, but at night it's cool to catch the MUSTANG letters all lit up from the light reflecting off of them.
  6. Cheers Guys
    I have gone for Non Refelective Black Delcals.