Mustang Door Panel Replacement Installation 1969-1970

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    For an upgrade to your 1969-1970 Mustang, a full door panel replacement is a great way to improve the quality of your car's interior. The steps for this installation include removing the original door panel, retrieving all parts you'd like to reuse, and then assembling your new panel. This process, including installing the new panel onto your door, takes around an hour per side.

    For this install, Bill recommends TMI Door Panels for 1969 Mustangs. These high quality panels have the lower carpet, inner beltline weatherstrip with molding and door lock grommets already installed. Choosing TMI helps give your 1969 Mustang's interior new life.

    Scott Drake has become an iconic brand that redefines quality reproduction and aftermarket Mustang parts. This installation features their Door Panel Woodgrain Insert, as well as their Door Panel Emblems.

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