Mustang Drop Spindles

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  1. Spindles

    I want them for the short steering arm for r&p steering.

  2. hi Dennis, just checking to see how this project is progressing. i've almost got the mustang done and i've already bought the cougar project car that will replace it and will be getting the drop spindles and disc brake conversion. once i get the mustang sold i'll be ready to get the cougar project started and the brakes and spindles will be one of the first projects to get done.
  3. I have a lot of projects in development. I have nearly wrapped up the 68-73 type front brake kit. I have all the parts but the hoses and hardware in hand. Those are due in August. The design and logistics are complete for a KH type 65-66 kit. It is in production now. The drop spindles are being modeled now. In addition, I have been very busy keeping up with developing my business infrastructure. It's hard doing everything myself.

    I have made a couple of design and marketing decisions. I have decided it is impractical to produce a steering arm with the original and R&P tie rod mounting holes. A R&P type may follow. The target drop is 1.5". It may be reduced a little if the original spindle has interference issues (original 70-73 type rotor).
  4. im also intrested in getting a set of spindles as long as its not more than a 1.5 " drop and curious u said ur not gonna do the r&p setup but would the arm be beefed up in any where it could be drilled out and made to work just a thought
  5. sweet, keep us posted. i'm also interested in the KH type brakes to go with the drop spindles. once i get the mustang sold and the cougar to the house i'm going to start ordering parts for the cougar to get it ready for the paint shop then brakes and suspension are next up after that. what i really want is the drop spindle and KH style 4 pistons brakes, a power booster conversion and possibly some larger rear drums, i've decided against rear discs for now.

    i'm also going to be using some Opentracker suspension pieces and if Classic Performance Products has their lower A-arm conversion kit done i'm looking to maybe get that kit as well, if not it will be more Opentracker stuff there too. i'm hoping someone will be offering an affordable rear 3 or 4 link for the rear as well. i was really wanting an evolution motorsports rear 3 link but it's just going to be too much money i'm afraid. ideally i'd like to use the TCP G-Bar rear 4 link but they don't make one for the cougar only mustangs and unfortunately the cougar rear suspension is slightly different than a mustangs.
  6. Wouldn't this include 67 as well ?
  7. Yes, I should have written 65-67. In fact, the brackets will fit all 65-73 drum spindles.
  8. Can't wait! Put me down for 2, one now, one with R&P mount later

    Can't wait! You have an order from me for sure for the first one with normal mount points, then version 1.5 (?) with the R&P mount point. I can't wait to get rid of that occasional scrape I've got. I'll just sell the first one when the second one comes around. Great little niche you will be serving with this product.

  9. Drop spindle prototypes are finally on the way

    A prototype of the Mustang 1.5" drop spindle is nearly complete. I will post pics when I get them.

    BTW, I am now also working on a one piece bracket to fit PBR 2 piston calipers on Granada and Mustang drum spindles.
  10. Degins,
    Is the proto drop spindle disc or drum?

  11. awesome, Dennis, awesome. i think you'll have exactly the system i'm going to use then.the 1.5" drop spindle with the 2 piston PBR's and some slotted rotors. this will make an excellent front brake system for the cougar project and possibly use the crown vic style rear disc system from vintage venom or one of ultrastang's rear disc kits. since the cougar will be setup to pull my wife's paddle boat, i'll probably use the VV rear kit since it has a drum style parking brake, but i'm not 100% commited to any rear disc system at all right now, it all depends on what the budget will allow.
  12. It is based upon the large pin 70-73 Mustang drum spindle. There will eventually be a number of compatible caliper brackets available.
  13. I am excited. One question. If I'm using the K/H 4 piston setup can I just change the bearings in the hub to fit the spindle pin ?
  14. degins your web site is down? I was looking for your disc brake kit and the site seems to be gone?

  15. you should be able to do just that. i know for sure you can do that with a 69 hub and use 70 bearings and races, oh yeah, you do have to use the new races but they should fit the hub. dimensionally the 67 and 69 hubs are identical so if it will work for a 69 it should work for a 67
  16. Sounds good. Maybe I'll replace the rotors while I'm at it, I know mine are provably the ones that came on a car out of the factory.... on someone else's car...

  17. I'm still hoping for a steering arm that has enough meat that you could drill a shorter steering arm hole :nice:
  18. You would be able to use the KH calipers and brackets if you use 70-73 type bearings and rotors.

  19. i'm sure the price will be equally massive and i refuse to run an aluminum spindle on the street, billet or not. so, unless you have changed the design from the original massive aluminum piece that you posted previously, i'm not in the least interested. BTW, this thread is not about you and technically you are not supposed to advertise your wares in the tech forum. Degins is in here because he was requested by the people of this forum to develop an affordable drop spindle for our cars, and he he is only giving us an update on that front. sorry but i'm less likely to buy something from someone like you than i am from Degins. if you want to hawk your own drop spindle then start your own thread, please. not trying to be an ass about it but having competing vendors posting in a thread about another vendor's product just seems low and cheap too me.