Mustang Drop Spindles

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  1. bnickel,
    Competition is good for all of us, I welcome it, although I am confused by the ambiguous claims.

    With all due respect, and I'm don't intend to commence a pissing match, I'm not sure what the distinction is between a spindle and a "performance spindle". If it has to do with metallurgy, then you have it wrong. The OEM FORD spindle (and the CSRP repro) uses a better (stronger/different alloy content) alloy than 4130. I otherwise don't understand the claim.
  2. Well you have to see the super duper performance spindle I just came up with, it is far better than the one you have. I can’t talk about it but it is stronger better engineered weighs less and comes with a handy vegetable slicing attachment. Just by owing one it will make you the talk of the town and make you more potent than eating a plate of oysters. It is coated with the same material as the stealth fighter so you will never have to worry about those speed traps ever again.

    At least Designs has a product on the market and is helping the hobby survive. As far as the questions go it is a smart man that asks his customers what they want and not tell them what they need.
  3. Just for the record the drop spindle is not the only product he has. But that is neither here nor there you are peddling parts you do not have and in a way that is less than honorable. But please keep up your good work, your posts serve as warning to anyone that might do business with you as to the person behind the name more than anything I could say. And congratulations on burring your business partner like that class sure class.

  4. yeah, go on over to and see what people say about G-machine pieces. the only thing that anyone has said about Degins' pieces is that they are cast not forged, early mustang spindles are also cast pieces so i fail to see the relevance in that.

    i also stated that you should start your own thread instead of riding the coat tails of this thread. i'm sure you guys think you have a quality product and maybe you do, but i ain't seein' it. shoo, go start your own thread and leave this thread in piece.

    there are a lot of people on this site that have had a lot of input on/and have
    asked Degins for this piece for a long time, this thread is about him and them and the spindle that was created from those discussions, it is in no way about you or for you. if you want to advertise your spindle start your own thread, your not going to gain any fans in this thread. and to be honest, any drop spindle for an early mustang is a performance part simply because of the extra room it creates for larger wheels, i'm sure there are other geometry improvements that can be made but the drop alone improves things enough that the other considerations are less important.

    you can say anything that like like to say but i won't see them becuase i'm officially putting you on my ignore list, i don't care to read anything else you post because you are not a true businessman IMO, you just want to ride in on the coat tails of someone else's design and try to sell your product, that you don't even have yet, by using someone else's research and marketing. if Degins' doesn't have a problem with you guys that's fine but it doesn't mean that i don't.
  5. wow. this got out of hand real fast. Jason, I personally havent looked into your spindle/suspesion parts, but from just looking at this thread, you should probably just start your own thread, instead of fighting/arguing over design/components in someone elses thread. Personally, right now it just looks like your trying to steal potential customers from another seller. You would be better off starting your own thread about your parts, and it could have avoided this fight. The thread has gotten way off topic, and opened a can of worms. Now, if your parts are better/cheaper/stronger, then customers will gravitate to your products. But jumping on a thread doesnt. I wish both of you luck and a professional turn out to this spindle "market"

    on a side note, is not valid? whats the new site/whats the deal?

  6. that's what i suggested, start your own thread to sell your own parts. posting this in this particular thread is the wrong way to draw attention to your parts and a good way to upset people. i for one am very brand loyal and this kind of thing really get's me upset and is a good way to really make me mad.

    Jason, i'm sorry and i'm not going to bash your parts but your attitude has convinced me to not buy a single part from your company ever.
  7. Degins, i apologize for my part in this thread and i hope i didn't upset you but this guy just really rubbed me the wrong way and then took it even further by downright putting down your parts. again, sorry, i'm glad you are above this guys level. good for you :nice:
  8. WOW! My response to this guy was amicable. I don't need enemies or bad feelings. That said, I am amazed by Jason’s postings. I do not recall communicating with a guy named LOUIE DIETZ, and I don't really care what is pronounced upon by the experts at Corner Carvers. I have said over and over that I am not all that interested in the performance market. I am more interested in making our Mustangs more usable as daily drivers. I don't care to display my balls in a wheelbarrow and I don’t claim to be a suspension expert, but I know manufacturing and project management. I do know enough to determine the proper alloy for my spindle. Perhaps I’ll start calling them SUPER FUN drop spindles from now on.

    My website is down because I am switching web host and it takes a few days to transfer the domain to the new host. My former host was getting glacial slow. I am going to put up a temp site soon and later hope to update to a full service web site.
  9. Geting back on topic:

    Would the 70 rotor work with the K/H calipers ? The 70 rotor is 11.29" and my shop manual shows the diameter for the 67 rotors being 11.375" I suppose .085" isn't that big of a difference. For some reason I thought I remembered the 67 diameter being like 11.02". Good thing I looked it up. Should be close enough.

  10. rusty, you make a good point and that made me think of something else dimensionally. the diameter of the rotor is effectively same between a 67 and a 70 so that's fine but the thickness of the rotors is different as well, it's probably within acceptable ranges but the 67 rotor is .81 thick and the 70 rotor is thicker at .94 and that is right around 1/8" difference in thickness, i don't know if the 70 rotor will fit on a 67 spindle with the K/H calipers assuming you install new pads, it could very well fit just fine but it might be a little bit tight. in any case, the 67 rotors should work on the 70 spindles by changing the wheel bearings and the bearing races to the 70 parts, if the clearances are too tight for the 70 rotors.
  11. Sounds good. Looks like there is more then 1 way to skin this cat.... or pony.
  12. Thanks guys, I think I did misspeak. I should have said that you can use the 65-67 type KH bracket, caliper, and rotors on 70-73 drum spindles, if you use 70-73 type bearings.

    BTW, I completed one side's bracket modification to use 99-2002 type 2 piston PBR calipers with Granada type spindles and rotors. I'll post pictures later.

  13. nice, looking forward to the pics
  14. I like how "armature" is misspelled.

    I like how "amateur" is misspelled here, CLASSIC! :rlaugh: I do agree that these questions are of an armature level. The spindle is, in fact, an armature of sorts:

    That said, you don't have to be an English major to make great products, but it does help in marketing to sound smart.
    I would like to see the final product, but the initial attitude of jumping in to another vendor's thread with an arrogant attitude makes me think that you're brash and overconfident, two things I don't want in someone who is designing a product that, if it fails, could make my organ donor card useful. :jaw: I would rather go with a guy who is careful, humble, and a metallurgical expert, than one who promises performance and sounds arrogant. That said, whichever product could be proven by an independent test to be stronger would probably be the one I go with. I am doing this:

    0.5) must be bombproof!

    1) to solve a wheel rubbing issue

    2) for better R&P turning radius, and

    3) better geometry up front

    in that order. I might go with whichever product is available first, and then evaluate which one is better when the other comes along, as long as they are not crazy expensive and I can sell the first one. My wheel rubs the UCA on hard braking. (4.75" BS on a 17x8 rim, Unique Performance coilovers)
  15. apologies

    Please accept my apologies for the previous display of arrogance. Our products were not supposed to be talked about on forums, much less in the manner that they were brought up. Degins is making a very nice product that suits many users needs, our company has a very different market and very different design ideas. I was not aware of what was happening here and will watch more closely in the future. The display of arrogance does not reflect the general manner of our company and is detrimental to our image and reputation. Please accept my apologies and feel free to contact me if you have any further questions or requests.
    Louie Dietz
  16. I find that to be impossible as there is no chassis, it's a unibody structure. not only that, but every mustang is different as the factory tolerances weren't exactly strict. Don't make the same mistake TCP did on the corner carvers forum by claiming there stuff was the greatest without any proof or technical merit to back it up.:nono:

    When you tell people that their questions are amateurish instead of answering them, it starts to raise the old alarm bells.