Mustang Drop Spindles

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  1. Thanks Louie!
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  4. Pics as promised. I just completed a set of mock up brackets for SN95 2 piston PBRs onto a Granada spindle. The will bolt up just like the Granada bracket using 2 bolts only, no adapters. I will send these off for modeling and prototyping. I'll need a couple of volunteers to try them out on their Granada front brakes.
  5. Degins, I already have 99-04 calipers, your rotors and original Granada spindles.on my car. It is coming off the road in November for winter projects, but if you get stuff in time, I'd be willing. With the availabilty for top quality pads for those calipers, I think those will sell good.
  6. since when did pbr calipers become air brakes lol :D
    seriously how soon and how much for the brackets ive been considering them for awile now and not having adapters to make them work sounds great

  7. awesome, how much difference is there between a granada spindle and 69 disc spindle? if those will work on a 69 disc spindle i'll try a set of them on the GT.
  8. Two differences. The tie rod mount hole is larger on Granada, and the upper caliper bracket mount hole is 9/16" on 68-73 spindle vs 1/2" on Granada.
  9. The Granada spindles are also beefier than the 65-69 spindles (except '69 Boss). They are similar to the 70-73 spindles except as mentioned above.

  10. i was just referring to the caliper mounts actually, i knew about the tie rods and bearings and just generally beefier nature, but i knew the mounting holes for the caliper bracket were different sizes but i wasn't sure if they were in exactly in the same place or not. so with a little drilling to your new PBR caliper mounts they should work on the 69 disc spindle, correct?
  11. As you know, the pin is smaller on 68-69, but 68-73 disc spindles (knuckles) are otherwise IDENTICAL except as noted. The SN95 bracket's upper mount hole could be altered. I could PERHAPS persued my machining producer to make a few for 68-73 spindle type.

  12. hmmm, well the i'd be in for a set of those when they're ready. :nice: and then later on down the road get a set of dropped spindles for the cougar. are you going to make a PBR bracket for those as well?
  13. I intend to do so.

  14. i thought you had said so, just making sure i understood you correctly. that's cool then so i'll be in for a set of the disc spindle PBR brackets now (whenever you get the ready) and the dropped spindles and PBR brackets for those later on down the road, hopefully withinn the next few months :nice:
  15. clarification on the next spindle to be released?

    ok, so just to clarify, the spindle that we're talking about being released shortly will be:

    -1.5" drop from stock
    -Using '70-73 pin size
    -Set up for drum brakes to work with many existing disc brake upgrade kits, i.e. Baer

    correct? I've gotten slightly confused over the last couple of pages talking about options to come out later and add-ons that I just want to be clear on the basics. Can't wait! :D
  16. Now you've got my attention!

    Any vehicle I drive (including, eventually, the '73 XR-7) spends some time "off-pavement", but not necessarily "off-road"; so the drop spindle concept hasn't really been in my mind. However PBR brackets that would work on stock disc spindles are definitely part of my wish-list. Then it's just a matter of getting the correct bearings/races/seals to fit SN-95 discs on '73 spindles. :D
  17. The drop will be 1.25-1.5". It will be based on the 70-73 spindle. It is not my aim to necessarily make the spindle work with existing brake kits, but you may be certain I will have a kit that will use either KH type, or the 2 piston or Cobra PBR calipers.

    OK its been about a week and a half since the last post, How much longer do we have to wait until the drop spindle is released? Put me down for one now. Also a question though, about your pbr caliper brackets. With these new brackets could a 13 inch cobra rotor be used with the 4 piston cobra calipers?