Mustang Drop Spindles

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  1. The prototype is being machined. I can't hurry my vendors since this is not a high dollar project.

    The PBR bracket is fit to a Granada spindle and uses 2 piston PBRs.
  2. Thanks for the update. I dont need the spindle right this second anyways. I will be starting my new suspension upgrades in about a month or so. I already bought the CPP lower control arm kit and the TCP uppers and coil over mount. I just have to figure out how I am going to mount the coil overs on the CPP lowers once they arrive in about two or three weeks.
  3. prototype casting

    As you can see, we've made a little progress. This is the rough casting cut from the sprue. The extra runners are there to assure a complete cast.
  4. sweet, can't wait for the finished products. :nice:
  5. alright looks good man, I'm with Bnickel I cant wait for the finished product.
  6. any new progress???
  7. The first prototype is being shipped to me right now! I'll be off to SEMA/AAPEX later this week, so if it dosen't arrive by Friday, I won't see it for a week.
  8. What is the material it is cast from? any treatments either?
  9. Alloy steel. The yield strength is better than the original 70-73 spindle's material, and elongation is comparable.
  10. Do you have a picture of the BACK of the spindle.. especially the middle area around the brake mounting area?
  11. I am already working on the second iteration prototype. I'll publish pics as appropriate. If you have something in mind, let me know.
  12. I am hoping that I could get a steering arm mod by cutting off the stock steering arm, and bolting one onto the lower brake mounting holes on the back side. For the arm I would try to get one machined from 3/4" plate or something similiar. Then I would have the area around the back side of the two holes machined flat to form 2 mating surfaces for the arm.

    For this to work there would need to be a good amount of steel joining the lower holes to the main spindle body.

    This was just an idea I had looking at the picture you posted. It looked like the steering arm is in line with those holes.

    This is just me thinking out loud. Now that I think about it, I might need a third hole to prevent moment on the attaching fasteners. Hrm.... should be doable.
  13. I've considered making the steering arm removable. I may revisit the idea.

    BTW, I have limited ability to answer email right now. I'm in Vegas and have to go to the Krispy Kreme downstairs from my Hotel to get an Internet connection .
  14. Removeable steering arm would be nice... but a hacksaw can do the job :D As long as you can bolt on a new one I think I would be happy.
  15. Measurement question re: Krispy Kremes ;-)

    I have a measurement question - how many Krispy Kremes can you fit on the steering arm without inducing stress cracks on the donut glaze? :D :rlaugh: :SNSign:
    Have fun in Vegas - is it SEMA already??

  16. SEMA starts Tuesday. I actually come here for AAPEX, the OEM parts oriented show that runs at the same time. I go to SEMA to see the restoration section and the "Overhaulin" production.
  17. That would be neat. Especially if it had slotted holes, so that you can adjust bump steer. That would save the customer $150-200 for a bumpsteer kit and make the spindles even more desirable.
  18. any updates
  19. I regret this project is taking so long. I'm working on revising the first prototype. The foundry really made a mess of the first casting. I've decided to integrate the caliper mount into the spindle. It will mount, without addition brackets, the KH type 4 piston caliper and my offering of the PBR 2 piston bracket/caliper along with an 11" vented rotor. I'll post pics of my revised proto when it's done (soon!).
  20. what is the kh type caliper??? what does it look like