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  1. I think there is something to be learned from this though - people are willing to pay more for what they want, regardless of how right it is.

    I personally would pay EXTRA to use any brakes i want. But, like has been said before, as long as I can cut it off and use whatever I want, I don't care what you add on to this thing! Grinding wheels and sand paper rolls can fix anything - except a lack of metal :nonono:
  2. Really, really confused - thought PBR/Cobra WAS Baer Track?!

    I am thoroughly confused at this point. I purchased a Baer "Track" 13" rotor front kit on the understanding that it was the same caliper as a PBR 2-piston and is quoted in numerous places as being the same as the "94-up Cobra" brake caliper. I bought them partly for the reason that it would be easier to find replacement parts than for something that was never an OEM part.

    I would love to be able to purchase the spindle with Dennis' Cobra bracket.

    Can anyone enlighten me as to the difference, if any, between the PBR calipers described below as "Cobra" and the PBR "Track" system I purchased that is pictured here?:

    First, the Cobra brake calipers:


    and mine:


    So, what's the difference? Or will Degins' kit, which works with a Cobra brake, work with my PBR/Baer Track kit? Any help appreciated - or am I taking crazy pills!??! :crazy:


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  3. To my knowledge they are the same caliper with a different esthetic treatment. They use the same pads and rotors if I'm not mistaken.
  4. I haven't examined one of the Baer pieces, but from everything I've heard, you are correct. If they use the same bracket as the Cobra piece, there will be no problem with mounting them on my spindle using the Cobra adapter. The adapter will not be expensive.
  5. Glad I went with OEM-style Cobra/PBR/Baer Track!

    Cool, thanks Dennis!

    Score one for staying with OEM-style equipment when doing upgrades! :nice:
  6. my only problem is that it leaves those of us who want something other than an 11" or 13" rotor out in the wind. i, for one, don't really want to stuck with what someone else tells me i have to use (no offense Dennis), i want to be able to run the brakes i've always wanted to run and that is basically the old T/A style 12" brake kit with the big lincoln/t-bird style K-H calipers with a D1 pad. i want this so i can have the biggest brakes possible that will fit in my 15" wheels. one of the reasons i wanted the spindle in the first place was to be able to run a wider or deeper offset 15" wheel, be able to run the 12" K-H brakes, and not lose any suspension travel when lowering my car. that is the entire reason for suggesting the use of the 70 drum spindle as a basis for the dropped spindle in the first place, otherwise any spindle design would have worked.

    all i'm really asking is that the spindle include the original caliper bracket/dust shield mounting provisions so that those of us who do not want to run any of the offered brakes can cut the cast in bracket off and be able to use the brakes of our choice. i would be perfectly happy using brakes supplied by you, Dennis, if they were the style i wanted but you have stated that you have no plans to offer that style of brake, so i ask that you include those original mounting provisions in the design and i'll be perfectly happy to cut the bracket off and add my own brakes when/if i ever decide to upgrade them, that's all, if you can do that then i will be perfectly content.
  7. Now I'm looking at the 14" GT 500 brakes!
  8. Time marches on!
  9. 1999-2004 Mustang V6/GT front caliper:
    The '99-'04 SN95 V6/GT calipers have twin 44.5mm pistons.

    V6/GT front brake pad:

    1999-2004 Cobra front caliper:
    There are two versions of the Cobra front calipers: One version has twin 38mm pistons, the other has twin 40mm pistons.

    Cobra front brake pad:

    The Cobra/Bullitt/Mach calipers will fit into the SN95 V6/GT anchor brackets (caliper cages), but the anchor brackets (themselves) between the V6/GTs vs. the Cobra is not the same. Both share the same 130mm mounting distance between the mounting points where the anchor brackets attach to the spindles, but the Cobra bracket has a higher stand off in order to mount the Cobra caliper over the larger diameter 13" rotor (in a stock application). If these setups are being installed on an earlier application it wasn't origninally designed for, then it's just a matter of figuring out the means to get them adapted on there.
  10. The second proto is being modeled, as are brackets for PBR SN95 and Cobra calipers. The knuckle will have an integral mount point for the 65-66 type KH caliper.

    On other fronts:
    I should have the first protos in my hand soon for the SN 95 bracket for Granada spindle.

    My 65-66 KH based kit parts are on route now. I just need to find a source for the bolts that hold the caliper onto the caliper bracket. They are called stripper or shoulder bolts. The shoulder, the part of the bolt shaft that has no threads on it, is larger diameter than the threads. They are sold by SSBC, but I can't rely on them for a critical part.

  11. Check with Fastenall or McMaster-carr for the shoulder bolts. I've spec'd shoulder bolts out before on some oil rig designs and they are great...

  12. Thanks Jim, I'll check with them, although I fear that even if they quote, their bulk price will be more than the SSBC retail price ($3 ea). I usually seek to get very basic (close to the source) with my kit parts. I know who made them originally (Rockford Screw Products) . Their incarnate claims they can't/don't make them now. The ones sold by SSBC are an exact reproduction, right down to the brandmark. I'll eventually find a source.
  13. Thanks, I suspect they are the source for SSBC or vice versa. They do provide an original part number. Now I must wait till Monday to talk to them.

  14. i seriously doubt that SSBC supplies anything to AMK.
  15. drop spindles

    Any progress on the drop spindles?
  16. Update/Design Question

    It seems that the interest for a drop '70 drum spindle does not meet your marketing plans but why not a drop '70 disk spindle (i.e. Granada)? The Granada brakes you currently sell would work and SN95 brakes would work with the bracket you recently designed for Granada spindles.
  17. I am still working on a drop spindle. It will be designed to use a SN95 caliper.
  18. Any new word?

    Hey, Dennis--it's been 4 months since you posted anything about the new spindles that use the SN95 calipers (and I assume, can also use the SN95/Cobra hub and rotor too); any new word on this?