Mustang EGR vacuum solenoid


New Member
Jun 22, 2011
Doing some troubleshooting, and I think the EGR vacuum solenoid is bad in my 1989 Mustang. It won't click when I apply 12VDC; the other two small solenoids make small clicks? Also, if I apply vacuum to either port it just blows through and won't hold vacuum. I assume the port farthest from the wires is the vacuum supply and the other side goes to the EGR? Anyway, does that mean electrically and pneumatically the solenoid is bad, or am I looking at it wrong? The electrical coil still shows like 40 ohms either direction (I notice there is a diode inside), but I am pretty sure I should feel a click.

Also, the other two smaller solenoids will hold a little vacuum, but will bleed down from 20inH2O to 0 in like 10 seconds. Is that normal, or should they hold vacuum better? Is there any way to pop these apart and wipe down the seals?

Thanks for any input.
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