Mustang Exhaust Vs Camaro Exhaust

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  1. Yes,
    I know that there are thousands of posts about exhausts, however; I haven't gotten an answer for this very specific question.

    I am a loyal mustang follower and I plan on purchasing a 2014 GT. The one thing the mustang can't seem to get the edge around the camaro (aside for the Independent Rear Suspension), is the exhaust tone. In the link below is a mustang aftermarket exhaust compared to a camaro after market exhaust.

    In my opinion, the camaro has that nice slow rythym, deep rumble that the 5.0's don't have. The mustangs higher pitched tone takes away from the old school mustang spirit in the exhaust, that the camaro seems to have. I know the cam has a 6.4 lt engine, but is there anyway to get the incredibly deep idle from the new stangs, as the camaro has?

  2. What has a 6.4, and what has an IRS that you are comparing?
  3. The Camaro has the 6.4 lt engine and IRS. I was wanting a deeper exhaust sound comparable to the camaro ss out of my mustang.
  4. Have you looked at the Pypes mid muffler system?.... it sounds pretty good
  5. I've looked at Kooks, borla, pypes, flowmaster, gt500, ford racing, magnaflow, and SLP, none of which give that deep deep rumble, and old school sound like the camaro produces. I heard that it might be the piston heads? I'm not quite sure.
  6. Other than sticking to an h-pipe, have you checked out the MRT interceptors or the Flowmaster's outlaw series? They are both pretty deep sounding. I think the Flowmaster's make the Mustang sound like a truck.
    A cammed ls does sound pretty awesome, but I love the sound of a Coyote being run hard.

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  7. My Borla Stingers idle low enough to make the most hardcore dubstep fan proud.
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  8. Are you talking about Borla's "S" type. To my knowledge, "stingers" aren't made for newer mustangs.
  9. I was under the impression that S-Type and Stingers were interchangeable. I've seen both used to describe the same thing. More accurate would be S-Type, as that's what was on my invoice.
  10. The Camaro is a 6.2L OHV with 426 HP/420 ft. lbs
    The Mustang is a 5.0L DOHC with 412 HP/390 ft. lbs.

    BOSS mid-pipe, with the side exhaust, and Flowmaster Outlaws...done.
  11. 420HP thankyouverymuch
  12. With the '13 GT 5.0's making 420 HP, and the '13 SS 6.2's making 426 makes you wonder what that extra 1.2L is doing in the Camaro??
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  13. Because the Camaro is heavier it's not doing much performance wise.
  14. OP: I'm wondering how much of your sound concerns are not due to exhaust, but engine design. I've always thought the DOHC engines had a different sound to them than the OHV, and I'm talking Ford vs. Ford. It took me a long time to get over what Ford did in 96... I think I forgave them in 2011, and by the time I bought my 13, we were all made up...

    But I digress. Sound-wise, I don't think any exhaust you put on a DOHC is going to make it sound like an OHV engine. I've got no science behind this, and I'm sure others will be glad to jump in and tell me I'm an ignorant putz, but I think you might be chasing the wrong thing. I'd suggest instead of your current quest, you look for the exhaust that makes the 5.0 sound the baddest (not the most like a Camaro).

    Have you heard an un-corked Boss 302? :drool:
  15. Your right the DOHC motors do have a different tone. I like that the different car manufactures all sound different.