1. I guess its like spring fever, it got a lil warm out and the next thing I know im ordering parts like nothing.

    So far in the last 2 days I have bought:
    -Typhoon Intake
    -75mm Tbody and EGR
    -Strike Force Aluminum Heads
    -30lb Injectors
    -90mm MAF
    -Mass air conversion
    -M90 Supercharger
    -Vortech Crank pulley

    Still need to buy:
    -F 303 cam
    -Fuel Pump
    -Regulator and gauge
    -1.6 Roller Rockers
    -MSD 6AL
    -Push Rods
    -Gaskets and Bolts

    I dont know whats come over me, But I like it :D
  2. are you gunna rig up the m90 and make it work?
  3. never heard of strike force aluminum heads, id like to see them if you have a link. but all the other stuff looks good. wish i could go on a spending spree like that
  4. I hear ya... so far I have ordered...

    3 gauges
    gauge bezel
    chrome radiator tube

    I plan on buying...
    air/oil separator
    polished bonnet
    IC tubing
    Alum Driveshaft
    Wideband O2 sensor
    new dash lens
    new headlight

    I shoulda done all this over christmas break
  5. Heck yes, I plan to figure out a bracket system that I can sell to those that want to do the M90.
  6. **** me to :(

    Protopline heads
    42# injectors
    Alum. Driveshaft
    black seats
    black carpet
    Vortech S-trim
    complete drag suspension

  7. heh he bought the MAF conversion from me.. lol
  8. I wish I had that kind of money... Instead I am doing a black int. conversion and repaint.
  9. Hell if you make one up thats easy ill buy one!!! those m90 blowers are alll over the internet. i see them on e-bay some for less then 80 bucks! lol!!!!
  10. Ussually they are good for cores only when they are under 100 but I agree I got mine for very cheap. Ill make sure to let everyone know when I plan to start selling the brackets.
  11. I know what you mean, somebody ordered me some 18" polished 03 cobras with tires:shrug:
  12. whats up

    how yas doin i have an 88 5.0 5spd and it pretty much stock it runs 14.2 and i want 13flat iam getting tires 4 traction is there ne thing i can do that would make the car jump horse power quick and not to costly