Mustang for Towing

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  1. Anyone know if my stang could be used for towing a small boat....example 17' bowrider type of boat? I don't have a manual so I'm not sure what it says. Anyone ever done this? I'm sure it has the power, just don't want to hurt my baby.

    I want to buy a boat....but all we have is this stang and a 4cyl Hyundai Sonata...and I'm guessing it doesn't have the power to pull a boat.
  2. For what it's worth you may be better off to get yourself an old Bronco or F-150 for cheap to haul your boat. Just the thought of putting a hitch on a Mustang gives me the creeps!
  3. i had a hitch on my 89 5.0 came like that :( I did use it to tow my 2 sea doo wet bikes but never backed it into the water to load/unload.
  4. Pleeeease don't put a trailer hitch on your stang.
  5. I know....the thought of a hitch on my stang makes my peter shrink....but the thought of being on the Ohio River in a boat feels like an orgy right now. I've thought about just renting some dock-space at a marina and keep the boat there, but I'd still need something to tow the boat every so often.

    Besides looking ugly, would towing hurt my car any?
  6. if youve got a tranny cooler and some gears, itd probably be alright. a buddy of mine has a hitch on his c6 z06. he uses it for his little trailer to tow his wheels and slicks and tools and spareparts to the autocross
  7. I've got a manual....I'm assuming the tranny cooler would be for the auto right? Maybe I should invest in those 4.10's sooner than later huh!
  8. ohh sorry i thought you said you had a auto...i dunno where i saw that.
  9. Maybe it was cuz I said I don't have a manual....meant I don't have an owner manual to check on towing capacity.
  10. One option cheaper than renting a boat slip, is to rent a truck for the weekend or when you want to go boating(one that has a tow hitch) :nice:
  11. I thought about doing goal is to be able to come home from work and easily go boating for a couple hours. I work for public schools, so nowadays I get home at 3:00. And I"m off summers so having a boat at a marina would be very convenient if I wanted to use it a lot. Renting the truck might be an option for those few times I have to move it or something though if I do have a boat at a marina. Basically I'd like to be able to go boating without spending a lot of prep time every time.
  12. My brother has a hidden hitch on his 91 LX. Obviously power is not a problem with these cars.

    I'm worried about the weight on the back end though.
  13. Put beefier springs (or leaves) in the back and you won't notice the weight in that light of a trailer. Price out what it wold cost and it might be worth it to buy a beater (couple hundred dollars) to just tow your boat.
  14. my manual says that the stang is only good for towing up to 500lbs... so if you've got two fat dudes (or chicks) in the back you're probably over that already...

    also go for the super-hyper-flex-carbon-fiber stage 14 hitch and reciever...
  15. I've got a hide-a-hitch on my vert and it's barely noticeable. I only tow my Sea Doo with it though. I've seen one guy tow a Sea Doo jet boat wth his but depending on the weight of the boat, I'd think about a hooptie truck for towing. You might need to upgrade your brakes for towing something that large.:shrug:
  16. :lol:
    Chevy powah!
  17. Thanks guys! Maybe I'll have to postpone my boat dreams till next spring. Don't really have room to store a boat and a beater truck at my house with only a 2 car garage. And don't really have the money this year to pay for a boat, beater truck, and storage (marina or facility) for the boat. Hmmm....the wife becomes an RN in a year, I can see it now! Maybe I'll upgrade this stang for a C6 and just use it to tow my house too!
  18. 2001 GT---Max. towed wieght 1000lbs. Max tongue wieght 100 lbs. Max GVW 4490 lbs. I would bet a 17' bowrider w/trailer, gas, skis, cooler w/ice,beer, ect., wife, kid comes close to 2500lbs or more.