Mustang Fox Body 5 Lug Conversion Kits

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    Our Mustang 5 lug conversion kits improve braking performance and gives you better wheel options on your 1979-1993 Foxbody Mustang. All 79-93 Fox Mustang was set up with 4 Lug brakes minus the 93 Cobra and 84-86 SVO. Limited 4 lug Mustang wheel choices led to the ever popular Fox Mustang 5 Lug conversion kit. The kits change your front rotors & rear axles from 4 lug to 5 lug. Some 5-lug conversion kits will even upgrade your Fox Body to 4 wheel disk brakes! From SSBC brake kits to our Latemodel Restoration Supply Exclusive Fox Mustang 5 lug conversion kit, we have you covered when you want to upgrade your Foxbody. Pick up a kit that includes a new set of wheels and tires to completely transform your Mustang!