Expired Mustang Foxbody 302/351w Turbo Kit - Makes 500+ Rwhp

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Sep 1, 2008
Denver, Co
Selling my custom turbo kit (made by FinishLine performance here in Denver, CO) off my 88 Foxbody with a 351w. This sale is for a NEAR complete kit. No fuel injectors, fuel pump, driver side header (cuz you use the factory or aftermarket shorty header) and no maf sensor (maf pipe calibrated for a factory maf). All V-band clamps, hoses and intercooler mount included. Comes with a Turbonetics T76/.81 ar exhaust housing and 68 mm f1 turbine wheel. The wastegate blows off straight at the ground so there is no piping for it just the mount on the exhaust pipe. You use either your factory or aftermarket shorty header on the driver side. Does not come with wastegate, blow off valve, or oil lines. This is a direct bolt in otherwise.

Turbo fully spooled by 2900 rpms at 9 psi. The exhaust is very thick, quality piping so that it will never crack, not like the cheap stuff on ebay. This kit made 501 rwhp and 597 rwtq through mufflers.

Diablo chip also included that I had with this. Its a 3 bank chip with a remote mount switch to change between programs on the fly. 1st progam for 9 psi on E85, 2nd for 9 psi on 91 octane and 3rd is stock tune. The chip and tunes cost me a little over $1400.

Asking $2000 (shipping included) and paypal fees.
Parts are in Denver, Co
You can text me for more info at 720 299-1929
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