Mustang= Good handling???

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  1. I took my V6 with pony package out for a mini road trip through the Santa Monica Mountains last weekend, and was quite pleased with the handling. I felt it was much more stiff, and even a little better in the twisties than my 01 GT vert. (maybe I'm dreaming) Anyways, My buddy was in a BMW 330, and I had no problem keeping up with him, and even pulled on him a little when I was up front. I acknowledge the 330 is better for this kind of thing, but can the V6 be made into a really good handling mountain carver? Can it be made to legitimately run with a 330 or like car with fully independent suspension? If so, what besides the FRPP handling kit can I do?

    Thanks all!
  2. The stock V6 front-end isn't bad but the 330 should have definitely carved the curves better.

    The suspension on your 01 GT should have been better component wise but the characteristics of your V6 (e.g. wheelbase, center of gravity, etc.) allow for it to actually handle better.

    You can certainly upgrade the front-end for better handling. In addition to the FRPP kit that you already mentioned, you can look at the kits offered by Eibach, Rousch, Saleen, and others.

    It really depends upon how "far" you want to go with the suspension upgrade. Do you just want better cornering or do you want a road-racer suspension? The answer to that question will help to guide you to the appropriate kit(s).

    Good luck and enjoy! :)
  3. Thanks,

    I don't want a full Road-racer because the car is also a DD. However, I don't mind a stiffer ride, in fact I prefer it. Basically, when my buddy in the 330 gets a little more nerve I don't want to get left in the dust. Which as it stands right now I know I will, but I'm also not pretending to think I'll ever keep up with an M3 either.

    Are any of the aftermarket suspension upgrades better than the rest?

    You mentioned Roush, Eibach, FRPP, and Saleen. Are these basically all the same or do a couple of them seem to out perform the others.

    Also, am I just fighting a loosing battle because of the live rear axle?
  4. From what I understand the S197 is much stiffer than the older Fox platform. Add to that the improvements from the Pony Package and I'm not too surprised at your results.

    I too would be interested to hear what kind of improvements people recommend for better handling (without making the car brutal for daily driving)

    Would something like this Roush Complete Suspension kit be a good idea (or maybe a good list of parts to be upgraded)? Would it work on our V6 given that it's 'made' for the V8?

    I know Jeremy Clarkson raved about the handling of the Roush Stage 3 mustang vs. the Shelby would we go about getting that kind of ride? How would it affect daily drivability? All questions that go round and round in my brain :p
  5. eibach has a similar kit but 500 bucks cheaper.
  6. As I am looking and researching for these kits, I have found only company that makes one specifically for the V6. The Eibach "Pro- System" kit from Summit Racing is probably in my future, but I need to do a little more looking around.

    Anyone have this already?
  7. im sure gt kits will fit a v6. they might just have differant spring ratings.

    im going for eibach tho. i know they make a good product. also its got a good price.
  8. Rear Shocks?

    What is the best option for Rear Shocks?

    are Tokicos our only/best option?

    ... what about Steeda?
  9. i try to stay away from steeda and roush. its over priced. your paying a butt load more for the name. same quality can be has much cheaper.
  10. and so who would that be?
  11. Thanks, but I'm not looking for any kits,

    I just need a good aftermarket set of rear shocks.

    If they are $500.00 cheaper than steeda and roush they'll be paying me to take them.
  12. I have put on some really good suspensions parts for my 05 V6 Convertible mustang.
    I started with a Hellwig rear sway bar that was a group buy from this forum. Then I got a GT take off front sway bar at Saleen. Then I put on a BMR strut tower brace and front control arm brace.
    I can really tell a difference, and I beat the BMW M3 with no problems. In Orange county California all the rich kids have the M3 and they cry when I pull up and blow them away with my CAI and Predator Dyno tuned by GRC Performance and the before mentioned suspention parts.
    They all look at my single exhaust and think that I have a stock V6. But when I beat them off the line and then corner better than their expensive BMW they all want to know what did I put in my car.
    I think next I will put on new springs to lower the center of gravity, then they willl really eat my dust.
  13. im sorry i have a hard time believing that with sway bars and a strut bar you corner better than an m3. i cant beleive you can beat one in a straight line either. i mean stock they have 120hp more.
  14. Agreed! My Friend has a 330, and I honestly think it is better in the twisties than my '07 coupe w/pony package upgrades. Straight line is a driver's race, but equal drivers I would have to give the edge to the 330. (A slight edge, but an edge just the same.)

    A M3 would kill me in both.
  15. Then the M3 owners in Orange county really suck.
    My rear sway bar is thicker than the Pony Package sway bar by almost 1/2 inch and the front lower control arm brace with the strut tower brace and a front sway bar that is more than 1/2 inch thicker than stock can really improve the handling, but it is also the driver.
    I did not spend what they did on their M3 so maybe I push my car harder than they feel comfortable with.
    With my CAI and Dyno tune and some other tweeks like the Borla exhaust and under drive pulleys I get 248RWHP that is equal to almost 300HP at the fly wheel. In fact I have kept up with turbo Porche's up to about 85-95mph and then they start to pull away.
    Maybe I am just a hard driver but I know that you are not giving enough credit to the new mustangs either.
  16. so you have 30hp less than say rygen who has a 100shot and a couple more things than you. im sorry dude i call bs on your last 2 posts.

    im not saying the mustang isnt a good car or not giving it its credit. im just saying the only way with those mods you beat an m3 is if they didnt know thye were racing.
  17. Called out . Agreed - I run a tight competition with a “3” in the TA @ 310HP/340TQ. Having owned an 03GT and a V-6 S197 there is no way to capture a win on an "M" except with serious miss shifting or a few lost cylinders along the way.

    Now let's move to topic

    As for those rear shocks - Depends on the $ you want to outlay, but Koni has a sweet assembly for rear replacement. Check out the 8241 Sport adjustable damper series. May run close to what a set of Bilstein's would cost, but worth a look since you would have the best of both worlds with external adjustment capability between "Tour" and "Sport". :hail2:
  18. bilstein shocks are not available yet, but they have part numbers on their website. no pricing information yet either :(
  19. i think bilstiens are out maybe for a gt tho. i believe they would fit a v6 anyway tho. i think the suspension is the same on a v6 and gt except the gt had stiffer springs.