Electrical Mustang Gt Problems..

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  1. So just bought a 96 mustang gt a couple of days ago. the 4 way seat control doesn't work. i want to take the seat out because i notice that a red wire and yellow wire is cut.anyone know what this is? the seat is all the way back so i cant take out the 4 bolts to remove seat any way to move seat forward manually? the lumbar works but i don't hear any noise when i touch the 4 way switch, should i hear a noise ether way working or broken?

    Also the trunk release in the glovebox doesn't work how do i go about fixing it?

    Driver side mirror control doesn't work nether but passenger does.

    Anything else i should do after buying a used mustang that i should check or fix?

    My car came with these parts already t3650 tranny with a new ford racing 11in clutch and ford racing flywheel, cat back exhaust and a cold air intake. What should i do next

    Please help thanks
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  2. Chilton and or Haynes, both have wiring diagrams for that car, also Alldata.com
  3. Wiring diagrams are also available at simplyuseful.com