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  1. i had just pust on a new steeda timing adjuster and i let my girlfriend drive we where cruising around and a lighting pulled next to us my girlfriend reved on him and i knew we were in for a ride well the lightning barely beat us it was cool because if i was driving it would have been closer anyway the lightning stayed about a car length ahead of us then he rolled down his window to say something but girlfriend was pissed that she lost and took off it really bothered her i keep telling her she did well she didnt get smoked and she kept on his ass but she is still mad i quess i better supercharge it any else race one
  2. Yes I have raced one, and may i say i can race him whenever i want, he is my boss. Well his is a 00' with a Air Aid Intake, aftermarket exhasut. Well with my mods below i am able to hang with him, when we went to the track i won the 1/4. In street racing i stayed ahead of him and really put a car on him between 75-90, then he started to pull on me and got ahead of me. You wont need a SC to win, but it would sure help :banana:
  3. Driven correctly a 01+ Lightning will run low to mid 13's. However a lot of people are getting in the 14 sec range. You won't need a supercharger to beat a stock one, but you better have some pretty good mods if you are going to take one with a good driver. Don't underestimate them, they are pretty quick.
  4. You ran a best of 14.1 and beat his Lightning?? Did he not get any traction or something??

  5. Well when we went it was outragoulsy hot at the track so no one was doing good, not even him. But when we ran on the street like i said, i took him from the dig cuz he slipped more than i did, then from 75-90 i got a good lead, then from about 100 he started to pull me. I also ran the 14.1 without my gears, we raced while i had my gears, too see if they gave me anything :shrug:
  6. you let a truck pull on you 100+.... :spot:

    i thought L's were quick off the line and slower up top :hail2:
  7. I wouldn't really say they are quick off the line. I mean all that weight has to get moving. But once it does.... :spot:
  8. Yep, A truck. A supercharged 5.8L Truck.. I wouldn't say it was very heavy, considering my car weighs 4500 LBS. L's are a mean car, and i dont excatly know if he would take me top end, all i know is about 100 he started to catch up but i held my ground, then we shut down at about 120 becasue there were 2 cars ahead of us.
  9. Why does your car weigh 4500 lbs?
  10. Lightning = 5.4 liter. Your car weighs 4500lbs? so you weigh about 1000lbs?? Lightnings are fastest from 20-100mph. They dont go much faster than 120mph.

    A nice red lightning didnt want to race me at a light once, he was about my age too (18). I thought I could get him off the line a little, then he would pass me about 30 or 40. Too bad I couldn't find out though. :(
  11. I guess he does? :p GT's weigh right around 3300 lbs. An L weighs almost 4,000 lbs. A GT is just over 700 lbs lighter. But of course, the L has over 100 more HP.
  12. The weight of a Lightning is actually around 4700lbs, the weight
    difference compared to a GT, is about 1300-1400lbs.
  13. I don't think they are that heavy. According to this an L weighs 3,990 lbs.

  14. 4670 lbs.

    Length: 208 in. Width: 79.1 in.
    Height: 70.9 in. Wheel Base: 119.8 in.
    Curb Weight: 4670 lbs. Gross Weight: 6050 lbs.
    Front Head Room: 40.8 in. Front Hip Room: 61 in.
    Front Shoulder Room: 63.8 in. Front Leg Room: 40.9 in.
    Maximum Seating: 3

  15. Straight from the Ford SVT site.

    Wheelbase: 119.8 in. (3,043mm)
    Length: 208 in. (5,283mm)
    Height: 70.9 in. (1,801mm)
    Width: 79.1 in. (2,009mm)
    Track, f/r : 65.3 in. / 65.3 in. (1,661mm / 1,661mm)
    Head Room: 40.8 in. (1,036mm)
    Leg Room: 40.9 in. (1,039mm)
    Shoulder Room: 63.8 in. (1,621mm)
    Hip Room: 61.0 in. (1,549mm)
    Curb Weight : 4,670 lbs. (2,120 kg)
    Fuel Capacity : 25 gallons (94.62 liters)
    Weight Distribution, f/r: 57% / 43%
    Payload: 1350 lbs. (612 kg)
    Towing Capacity: 5,000 lbs. (2,270 kg)
  16. the link didn't work right for me. it just said 03 F-150 regular cab. the weight sounds about right if it is the base V6.
  17. Well obviously one of those sites is wrong...very wrong at that.

    :OT: Are you coming to the meet tomorrow??
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    as a former owner of a 01 stand no chance at all...maybe stock lightning vs. modded stang...only way...i had a pulley,chip,filter,exhaust,intake, ran 8.0s in the 1/8th with a 1.84 60'
    on radials...not bashing you but i know from owning one.i now have a saleen so i have a bunch of mods needed to catch up to what i used to run..
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    btw..the lightnings with a bedcover and driver weigh 5k
  20. The 00 L was only rated at 360 HP and had 3.55 gears. It is possible that you could have beat him on a humid day. The 01+ have a rating of 380 and 3.73 gears. My 03 has chip,CAI and a pulley installed. Basically unless a GT has a Vortec or NOS it will get waxed. I can give a stock 03 Cobra a hard way to go as well. Traction for the L is the key to 1.8 60'