mustang GT vs lightning

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  1. Lightnings weigh closer to 5,000 lbs. I believe 4,700 lbs. is about the exact weight, with bedcover and driver, you are looking at about 5K. My friends 01 L weighed 4700 on the dot when it was stock with no driver (before sound system, bedcover and chrome 22" boat anchor rims).

    An 99-00 Lightning is about a drivers race with a 99+ GT, the L might be a TAD quicker, but barely, my two buddys who are brothers raced their cars, one has a stock 00 L, and the other a 99 GT 5-speed with K&N, and Flows (stock H-pipe) and the GT had about half a car on him. An 01 L is faster than a GT, but I've seen well driven GT's come damn close. A GT with MAF, gears, pullies, O/R midpipe and mufflers should be about a drivers race VS a stock 01 L. Stock L's aren't TOO much faster than GT's, once they do the simple BPU mods is when they really start kickin' ass.

  2. sorry but it looked like the lightning just pulled up next to him and then took off! Didnt look like the Z06 was even trying. I highly dout that the lightning even heavily modded would take a Z06!! especially from a roll like that. Top end the lightning is owned!! Hell ive taken 2 different lightnings in my car and i do not for a second think i could take a Z06! :rolleyes:
  3. I wanna race and get beaten by a truck :p

    Lightnings :worship:

  4. Hahaha, :lol: I love how people base their opinion. YOU WILL NOT TAKE THIS ONE BIG BOY.. Hehehe :rolleyes:

    I want to say he is near 500RWHP (don't quote me) and I know 620RWTQ. You can head over to and check out the street kills section for yourself, who knows, you might learn something. :shrug: Just giving you a hard time, check it out though. Guy driving the Lightning is a great guy and he also owns a 03 Cobra, you can find the details at

  5. I raced a '01 Lightning from a roll at 10 mph. I pulled a half a car length on him, and by 105 mph, we were dead even. If that L was stock, they are pretty damn quick. If he had the mods I have, I would of had a nice view of those ricey brake lights. Remeber, S/C motors respond 2 times better to mods than a N/A motor, especially exhaust mods. :)
  6. dude that Vette got a ass whoopin!!!

    Geez!!! Tailights is a rare sight for a Z06... :spot:

  7. was just saying it didnt look like the vette was racing. Also just because i have taken a couple L's by no means does that mean im saying i could take them all! I know of 2 around here that are also about 500rwhp and would not want to race them(well for fun maybe) but know my arse would be handed to me. I just honestly also cant see even at 500rwhp on a 4700pd truck taking a Z06 much after 100+ The hp and tq of the L im sure would have no prob taking one up to around 100 but when aerodynamics start kicking in that truck is done for. I raced this LT1 vette before that had some work done to it and we both started in 4th gear. I was about 1-2 car lengths on the guy up till about 135 then my car started to get to much drag and run out of breath. He also had lower gears (2:73's compared to my 3:73's) but still he kept on pulling wayyy past 150 and then some! The areodynamics of those cars at high speeds are very impressive and no mustang or especially lightning will ever match that.
  8. the vid doesnt look like a new lightning... look at the rear fenders they are straight :shrug:

  9. It's a 2002 Lightning...

    If I am not mistaking, I think they knew each other. Also, in another video, their is a Z06 driver that says un-(phuggin) believable.

    He has had most of everything done to it and to stand near it while it is running is a great experience (cams) let a lone, to see it take off. I have personally rode in his 03 Cobra and it is such a blast. Great guy by the way. Shoot, almost, if not all the Lightnings where I hang out would destroy Z06's (even lightly moded).

  10. You are talking about two different set ups of racing as you expressed. Stip is 1/4 at a time. And please note, I was just giving you a hard time. I didn't pass this Vid on to get flamed, you either know it or you don't. Check out here
  11. I saw a bone stock lightning run 8.5's in the 1/8 mile. The best I've ever seen out of a stock gt in the 1/8 is like 9.2. I'm sorry no way unless the lightning guy was in overdrive or something. Or your highly modded.

    I raced a lightning on the freeway when i was stock (well tryed to) he took off so fast there was no point in racing him or trying. The guy got about 2 cars on me before i could even react in pushing down on the gas pedal. When he was boosting so much.

    A c-5 and a lightning are a good race.
  12. My vert waeighs in just under 3600lbs.
  14. The last two times I went to englishtown to race, there wasn't a lightning running over 12.7 and most were around 12.5 and it was over 85 degrees. they are very impressive and I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it.
  15. If the lightning is full throttle, he's not going to hit overdrive until he's going well over 100 mph.

  16. well what the hell was done to them then? had to have a good bit of bolt ons to pull that off including a different pulley. Ive watched many of the guys around here run with thier lightnings and best ive seen stock was 13.5 in the 1/4 and with alot of bolt ons and DR's ive seen one run a 12.98.....1/8 mile they are running in the area of 8.4-8.7!! there is only one ive seen around here that has an ass load of work done including full exhaust, tons of bolt ons and different pulley that runs the 1/8 almost every week and best ive seen him do is 7.9 :shrug: This is also on average in 80+ degree heat.
  17. I was referring to Budstang but 98superstangGT I think with all your mods you and a bone stock lightning would be a good race. At the track you would get him and on the street he would get you no doubt.

    All I gotta say is if this was a c5 vs gt thread everyone would be c5, but since its heavy truck everyone says gt. Even though a c5 and a lightning are like dead even cars.


  18. For starters, 6 pound pulley and that would make a lot of difference right from the start.

  19. so its like i said, had a different pulley and im sure a few more bolt ons so there's nothing to argue then. A different pulley can make a HUGE difference on those things. I dont dout they were running what you said then. There are only a few around here though that have changed out to a different pulley so im sure thats why they are a little slower.