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  1. People have to remember there is a HUGE difference between a stock L, and even a lightly modded L (pulley, exhaust, intake), although surprisingly for a blown motor, exhaust mods do barely anything for those cars.

    Anyway, I've seen modded Lightnings beat bolt-on Z06's like they're sitting still. Alot of people do overrate L's saying they'll kill GT's like they're nothing in stock trim, which is false, they are considerably faster, but nothing some bolt-ons on the GT won't help. However once modded, they will go as fast as they wanna.

    There is a group of about 8 L's here in SoCal that go to the track every week, ALL of them are in the 11's with NO nitrous.

    I won't forget when my buddies 01 Z-28 M6 w/ intake, full exhaust, MAF, T/B, 4.10's, and all the other free mods and bolt-ons had a guy in an 01 L say he'll give him 4 cars AND the move for $300 once at the street races. The L was searched and no nitrous was found. The race was the most hilarious thing I'd ever seen, the Z goes first of course (it looked hilarious seeing an F-body set out by a huge 4 cars to start with by a freakin pickup truck) since it had the move, and it took the L about 5 seconds before it FLEW by the modified LS1. The howling blower whine was insane. ;) The L probably put 5 cars on it, had it been a head up race, I'm sure it would have been 10+ car lengths.
  2. 00 lighings only have 360 & 3.55's the run low 14's to high 13's...stock vs stock a very heads up race vs a 99+ GT.
  3. Its a 94 Lightning with a Novi2000.Heres a link to the original thread.
  4. Hey, how's it going guys. I have never posted here before but had to after reading this thread. I am a former Vobra owner and that car was quick but I am now a Lightning owner and I love it. Some of you GT guys are fooling yourselves. I am a Ford guy, mustang, L, whatever, but some of you seem to think a L has to be heavily modded to get good times and that is just dead wrong. A chip and pulley will net 12's all day long. For very little money(compared to some of the mod list's I have seen on here) these trucks will dip right into the 11's. With just a filter on my truck it went [email protected] with a 1.969 60' and that was in +80 degree weather. Now I'm not here trying to start a bash or anything just letting you know. At least some guys here have seen first hand how quick they can be. If you want to check out some quick L's, check and check some sigs there. Next time you pull up on one, be careful, he might know how to drive. :D sure your racing Lightning's? Come up north a little and you'll see some quick L's with little or no bolt ons. Those guys you see must not know how to drive or are running on seven cylinders. And there aren't that many bolt ons for our trucks.
  5. oh i prominse you im racing lightnings! You said it yourself, you ran a [email protected] take a look at my sig and you will notice im running 12.8'[email protected]!! Sorry to tell you but if we raced you would be owned along with the other lightnings i have raced. Now dont take me wrong they are fast as hell and i want one really bad. There are a couple around here that would hand me my ass but they hardly take them on the streets. They drive them to the track, race and drive them back to thier garages. I dont know whats so hard to believe about me beating stock or lightly modded lightnings when i can run almost a half second quicker then you just mentioned you ran. :shrug: .......maybe you need to look at my mod list again!

    edit: im also not going to spend $30K on a truck that runs a half second slower then my car and ive spent MAYBE $14K between car and mods! Definately nice trucks but not worth the money they want!
  6. Yeah, you would beat me. I never said you wouldn't. But not stock and not if I spent a third of the money you have.
  7. :lol: a third of the money? look at my last post! ive only spent around $14K for both my car and all my mods. Im also running N/A and the lightnings are supercharged! If i throw a blower on my car (which is on its way) wait to see what im going to run :nice:
  8. Like I said, I wasn't trying to start a bashing party or a I got you got dispute. I didn't pay $30G for my truck and like I said earlier I had a blown Cobra that would have eaten your Gt any day of the week, but I enjoy and like to drive the truck. I could have bought a Z06 or a 95 Mustang and built it, but I enjoy the Lightning. It is practical and fun. All I was trying to do was inform some of the true power and potential of the truck. It doesn't take much get one of these big things running quick. There aren't many bolt ons and they respond well to what is out there.
  9. 98superstangGT, your sig sayed you were in S. Carolina? Where?

    There is a lighting in Vidalia GA that is putting over 700hp to the tires.
  10. It works
    Now this is my old Bullitt not the Roush :nice:
  11. :nice: Cool video. But in defense of the L you did have a little jump on him. Most of my fun is off the line and up to 100, not too much more fun after that. None the less that is a sweet vid. I would say average stock L's run 13.6 to 14.0. Some quicker some slower. I have been pleased with mine so far and am now in the process of modding.
  12. :nice: Another sweet vid. I have to learn how to post those. With my stone aged dial up it takes me forever to load anything.
  13. Lightning are great. But I have not lost to one. I know there out there but I ran my buddys L with a johnny lightning block running 18psi and all the bpu's in my saleen and ate him alive. :shrug: Drove his car and it does not feel half as sick as my car and he said it dyno'd close to the 500rwhp mark
  14. i havent seen a stock L run 14s yet... i saw a few run 13.5, 13.6, 13.7 only thing they did was take the tailgate off

    you pay $30k for a truck because its a limited performance truck. you dont see them everywhich way you look. in any even 98superstang you cant compare buying a used car to the price of a new car. however, if he tried to sell his truck today, resale value is very high... your car probably wouldnt get nearly what you put into it.

    my mom has a 2000L which she bought new as a leftover in 2001. it was $26,000. today if she sold it book value is $22,600.
  15. This will probably come as bad news, but even 99-00 Lightnings should run 13.5 to 14.0. My Lightning ran 13.62 bone stock. Here's a link to a Popular Mechanics article with a 99 Lightning that ran an identical time at 2500 ft. of altitude.

    Lightning Quarter Mile

    Every time I went to the local track here in Richmond, all of the Lightnings that showed up ran faster than 14.0. The very first time I went, there were three of us and our times were 13.5, 13.6 and 13.9. All of us were stock.

    With 2 or 3 Bolt-ons, a Lightning is well capable of 12 second times.
  16. knowledge do you happen to know what kind of times your car will run? And a 5000lb truck isn't going to feel like a 3500lb car. The SOTP feel is totally different. I can ride in a 15 second car that feels like it is pulling harder than my truck, when my truck is actually quicker. Just food for thought.
  17. Im in greenville south carolina and i can be to GA in no time really. That would be badass to see that 700hp lightning! like i said i have nothing against them, i love those trucks to death just cant justify how much it costs to get one. BTW i was also just quoting $30K for one because i was just looking at an auto trader book yesterday and it had several 2003's for sale for like $29,900! If and when i get one i will take a used one hopefully for alot less :nice:
  18. 98superstangGT, It's not a stock engine. He has a blown 351 stroker motor.