mustang GT vs lightning

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  1. My friends lightning went 13.00's on street tires with just a pulley, chip and K&N. :shrug:

  2. Nope. But his truck ran [email protected] and I put about 8-9 cars on him on the hwy so take a guess? L's are simple to get into the 12's a little harder to get into the 11's and very tough to get into the 10's(I believe there is only 1 or2 built by D'amore) take it for what they are a heavy truck gifted with a good power plant.
  3. No offense or trying to say you didn't get him, but running on the highway and runnning at the track are two totally different things. The trucks arent that great above 100mph or so no matter what block he has in it. And with a 119mph trap speed that truck is quicker than 12.2. He must not be getting good traction. Take him to the track and see how well you do.

  4. HAHA I would love to I have been sitting on a cracked rim for 3 months cause saleen cannot produce 1 damn wheel for me. His truck is fast I just dont think he would take me even in the 1/4 especially if I put the slicks on. My saleen is only 50rwhp less and 2000 pounds less I have not even put my bullitt intake on yet. That will put me at about 500rwhp. there's no real chance for him in the matter. I have alot of respect for L's I got humbled by one when I owned my c5. But on the highway its another story the truck is a brick. Now that I said that next time I go to the track I be pitted againt some 700rwhp L I just know it and get :owned:
  5. either way that would be pretty badass to see in person. :nice:

    97rioreddohc: so whats your point? what elevation are you at? what temp was it out? vehicles run different times in different areas. I simply stated the times they were running around here to be able to compare my car to them. In this area i own them all day long! Im not saying they arent quick by any means or that there arent thousands of built ones that would stomp me into the ground. I was just stating that i have yet to come up against one that can and that im a bit faster then any i have seen run at the track or on the street.
  6. Raced a 2002 tonight it was stock except for a k/n and me my humble mods exhaust ans a cai was less than 1 car link behind . We lined up twice. Did I mention my car also has 103 thousand miles on it
  7. Talk about bringing a thread back from the dead....

    The latest issue of Muscle Mustangs/Fast Fords has a little blurb about the lightning. In August 2003 they ran a stock 03 Lightning around Ford's high speed oval both ways. I think it averaged 147.xx mph, which makes it the fastest production truck in the world. It was added to the Guiness Records book as that. I haven't heard of any stock GT's going that fast...have any of you? I'm sure they can, but I haven't heard of one. The only thing they did to it was fold in the side mirrors and took off the anteanna. I'm sure they put the tailgate down, but it didn't say. Seems like it pulls just fine over 100 mph.
  8. The very first (and only) street race where I've lost was to an '00 L, but that was right after I got my car (maybe 2k on the odometer). I had no mods at all, and the L. beat me by about a car length-to a lenght and a half consistently. I did get him out of the hole more than once, but he would usually slowly reel me back in (Lightning was stock). Once I did get the jump on him and stayed in front to about 110 when we both shut down. He was right on my tail the whole time, but he wasn't pulling. That said, with my few bolt ons and my car properly broken in, I don't think it would be so easy for him now. I think it would be a driver's race--that is if he is still stock.
  9. 103k miles, damn.
  10. I would hope your engine was already broke in with the 2k at the time you said you raced. :p
  11. I know what you mean, but they say the modulars don't really wake up until you get the first 5K on them, and that's the truth. Mine seemed to run stronger after 5k...of course that's also about when I started modding, so who knows? :shrug:
  12. what the hell. some people are nuts or just not saying the truth. i will say that i've lost to a lightning and the worst part is that it's my sisters. She has a 2002 stock lightning. I have a 2000 saleen n/a not supercharged and she spanked me like my mom never did. she had 3 people and i had one in my passenger seat. i took her of the line but then the supercharger kicked in and she picked up like no other. If my car is a saleen with some mods, and this guys girlfriend raced a lightning which was rated at 360 hp i kind of find that hard to believe. i myself want to purchase a lightning because they are just unbelievable fast. but i think i might go with the cobra r.
  13. I find it very hard to believe that all the GT owners that say they beat a Lightning( even a stock one). A couple of the treads I read the owners had mods like 3.73, exhaust, and pulley set up. They have no NOS, SC, or Turbo kit and they say that they beat a Lighting. If this is so then the Lightning drivers need to stop giving the GT drivers a 1-2 second head start. This really messes with people's head. At 3800 ft above sea level where I'm at a couple of lightnings with only chip upgrade/K&N are running 13.3-13.45 in the 1/4 mile. Stock Lightnings like my own are doing 13.8-14.0 on the 1/4 mile. There are also a couple stangs that I run with the basic mods like the ones mentioned by the Lightning killer Stangs in this tread that I have easily put 2-3-4 car lenghts between us. My 02 GT W/ stock gears (3.27) is only about 1 1/2 car lengths behing these modded stangs and it easily get's owned by my truck. What gives people. You don't have to lie to kick it.
  14. Hey peeps, I think that 98superstangGT's billet grill, cowl induction hood, and wing might be the perfect combo for beating Lightning owners across the states. Take notes people as you too can beat a Lightning with bolt ons that could probably get him into the mid to maybe low 14s in the 1/4 mile on my side of the states. If you feel froggy come on over as I will host you to a group of Lighting owners that will show you how to properly lose to a truck that can pull your car to and from the track.
  15. Calypso, so you're saying that a stock GT can't run between a 13.8 - 14.0 ? My grandma could run a 14.0 in my car when it was stock. Mine went as fast as 13.78 bone stock.
  16. I haven't been following this thread but.........

    Are you saying stock Lightnings run 13.8 and above? If so, you are wrong. 02's run about 13.4 stock.

  17. I would love to see you or some one else run a 13.4 stock here. I'm at 3850 ft above sea level. Not having that much air for the engine really sucks. I'm more than sure you guys that run 13.4 stock have to be 2000ft and below sea level. This rule also applies to the 03 Cobra. Yes everyone read that these cars can run a 12 sec 1/4 mile stock. Try this in El Paso, TX. to get the best results of 13.2-13.6 depending on the driver. If you are the owner of a stock 99 and up GT you would be seeing an average of 14.5-15 sec 1/4 mile times. Remember the rule of the game is elevation. I would really love to have Ford do their test runs out here and publish those time so that everyone can be surprised when they run a really low time where they are from. Then maybe I could find this thread to be true. Until then there hasn't been a 99 & up GT (powered by a 2V engine) that has shown me anykind of tail lights in my stock 02 SVT Lightning. :nice: If that ever happens I guess I would be :owned: and gave the GT owner a 1-3 second head start. :lol:
  18. Ok, we'll I am not going to challange your elevation comment. Because it is probably true.

    But I personally know someone who did 13.4 in his stock Lightning....on the east coast and below 2,000 feet.....I guess thats why.