Mustang GT vs Mazda RX-8, Can't decide which to buy

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  1. Both cars are unique looking; which one will age better? I say the stang since the look has been w/ us in various forms since the mid 60's, and we still like it.

    I find myself stopping after I walk away in a parking lot just to admire its looks.

    I'm sure the RX8 is superior in handling, but if you live in a city like I do it's pretty hard to really enjoy the handling limits of a true sports car w/o endangering yourself and others. On the other hand the V-8 in the stang is really fun @ 3000 rpm and even funner @ 6000 rpm.

    Check insurance rates too; I was surprised at how reasonable my insurance was on the stang.
  2. ah ha....perfect !!!

    i just traded in my 04 rx8 for my 05 gt

    rx8 was a fun, peppy very stylish car....easy to drive and very nice, loved it.....

    but one thing !!!



    other than that, tough decision, i'm happy with mine
  3. owned both

    I've now owned both an RX8 and now, the '05 Mustang GT.

    I would still have the RX8 except for someone rear ending it with a Dodge RAM this past winter and totalling it.

    With the insurance check, I actually thought about buying another RX8. But, I thought I'd look around to see what else might be of interest.

    Looked at the usual suspects......GTO (couldn't get past the body...the weight really negates what should be a big performance increase over the 'Stang.....shifter was sloppy....steering was slow...teeny trunk), 350Z (as Edmunds says, would have been real hard to live with on a daily basis.....terrible hatch room...questionable interior), S2000 (same lack of torque that plagues the RX8...too small), Audi TT (very uncomfortable interior....pricey....questionable reliability).

    Bottom line, the Mustang GT is seductive....from its performance, to it's looks, to it's functionality (if you don't have to use the back seat often).

    While the RX8 is at the top of the class as far as handling, shifting, steering, and the 9K RPM runs were thrilling, it is a bit "quirky". It's MPG is disappointing, although I don't know if that's something anyone can **** about in the class of cars we're talking about. Premium is required, and with gas prices going the way they are, you'd be paying at least 20%-30% more for gas than you will will with the Mustang GT.

    No, there is no torque down low in the RPM range (you won't blow anyone away right off the line).

    You do have to be careful to keep a good eye on the oil level as the RENESIS RX8 rotary is designed to use oil.

    Mazda has had some pretty big issues with flooding. While it never happened to me, plenty have had to have the car towed into the dealership. You have to make sure it's warmed up before shutting it down. So, if per chance you stall it or just move it around in the driveway when cold, you're in trouble.

    All tha said, the rotary sounds like an Indy car when you wind it out. It's built well....has a very nice interior, and like our Mustangs, can be bought for under $30K. What you get in return is a comfortable, well built car that handles with the best of them, but needs a bit of TLC in everyday operation.

    Like a good woman (excuse the following sexist remarks, ladies). the Mustang GT feels like you can ride it hard, for a long time, with no complaints. It looks really good, no matter what the occasion and it will put 99% of the competition to shame when it needs to. Plus, in addition to looking great, it sounds even better when it's time to get "busy".
  4. My own opinion on the above good observations. I did have big time flooding problems with my RX8. There were times I sat in my drive 10 minutes before the car would start. I have also owned an S2000. Both cars love (need) to be driven above 6k. My humble observations as a driver was that the S2000 was a formula car at high revs and the RX8 was a smooth performer at high revs. The S2k just smoked the RX8 in raw performance and adreneline rush above 6k. The RX8 was far more refined and an easier daily driver. Both handle like they are on rails.

    I thought the S2000 had the heart of an F1 racer in it and I felt like my RX8 was without passion. I never could connect with my RX8. I had no problems making the trade for an 05 mustang, despite the obvious performance loss. I feel connected to the new Mustang. Can easily identify with it. Tha is a huge part of ownership.
  5. I really want to test drive the GT again. The first time I had a nervous ford salesman next to me and he really wouldn't let me open it up around any corners.

    I'm not sure how much the difference in handling would decrease my daily driving enjoyment of the mustang. It did feel a bit boat-ish the first time around. The poor gas mileage of the RX-8 is a nagging issue though. 20 MPG I could live with from a 230 hp engine, even though my maxima averages 25 with a 222 hp engine. Mustang would definitely be better in that department, especially when you take into acount that it uses regular.

    I think the looks of the mustang are growing on me more and more every time I see one....oh well, I still need a few more weeks to think about it.
  6. Why get a an RX8?! It has a four cylinder. Weak

    Completely joking. I hear the rotary engine eats oil like crazy though. I wouldn't get one anyway. Looks REALLY sporty and cool, but Mustang wins in every catagory. At least to me.
  7. I don't know where you live, but around here Premium is 20 cents a gallon more than Regular unleaded. At $2.49 a gallon for Regular, Premium is only 8% more :)
  8. Just saw in the paper this morning:

    All RX-8 cars are being recalled. Seems if left idling at a high speed causes 02's to melt, harnesses, other exhaust components and THE GASTANK TO MELT!

    The fix is reprogramming the computer. This fix will probably also affect performance.
  9. KAUS-you bring up a good point on the bulk of the stang. You get used to it, but it does feel bigger than it actually is. In spite of the bulky feel I like the handling, and the fixed rear axle hasn't been much of a problem.

  10. Test drive each of them, then go test drive the GTO. It doesn't feel heavy with the torque. Trunk is small and the steering is slow, but it is the best quality...interior and performance of all the cars you mentioned. Also, don't might want to mod later...which cars/engines have the most available aftermarket parts suppliers? Get the GTO, you won't be disappointed.
  11. I love the stats on the GTO, but man if it isn't a ugly car. I mean, its just my opinion but look at all the imports and domestic cars out there that look good, Pontiac makes a fast ride....but c'mon...they got to do something with that body style. And the new concept pictures are still not that great.

    Not trying to start an agrument, but think about it. There are station wagons and trucks that have sick performance....but you wont see someone on this forum in a tubo Audi station wagon. Half of owning a sports car is performance, the other half cause they are fun and look cool to drive.

    But if performance is all you care about, then the GTO is a solid choice. I've read great things about it.
  12. OH....I did test drive the GTO, both the '04 and the '05. Still didn't like it as much as the '05 'Stang GT. It's not that I was disappointed with the GTO. But, as a total package, the perfromance of the Mustang is similar to the GTO (Consumer Reports actually has the 0-60 and the 1/4 times as identical), but it looks so much better, handles better, has a better stereo and has more trunk room. All those things were important to me.

    GTO does have a decent interior, but I like the Mustang's interior just as much (with the IUP). I dunno, even with the LS2, the GTO still felt "porky" compared to the Mustang.

    But, to each his own. If you like the GTO, by all means, it's not shabby.
  13. And we all know Consumer Reports is the epitome of autombile performance testing. I don't think too many people in the real world would believe that.

  14. Come on...let the 'stang owners keep thinking of all the "true stuff" in the rags. That way we can catch a glimpse of their "Oh" face at the track. Sorry guys...LOL.
  15. I would rent one for a week (since they are available) just to make sure. Unfortunately, you'll probably end up w/a 6 cyl since that is the typical mustang rental companies use. Anyhow, you could get a very good feel if that is the right car for you.
  16. They say Mazda is dealing with problems that the RX8s dont put out near enough as they say they do. Well, Stangs dyno at what 270?

    I'd get a GTO but I can get a damn good deal on my stang. And I'm a Ford guy.
  17. :nice: Yeah, I am partial to GM also. I wouldn't mind taking the GT500 for a spin.
  18. Most RX-8's are dynoing in the neighborhood of 190 HP, rated at 238 HP. From what I understand you're supposed to lose 10-15% when you dyno a car at the wheels due to drivetrain effeciency, so a mustang at 270 would be right on with only a 10% loss whereas the RX-8 would be pushing it with a 20% loss.

    The european RX-8's are only rated at 220 HP if I recall correctly; many people believe that the american versions are only really making 220 at the flywheel as well, which would make more sense from the dynos people are getting. There's no doubt the mustang would smoke the 8 in straight line performance, 0-60, 0-100, 1/4 mile, etc etc.
  19. Biggest issue with dynoing the RX8 is the ECU. While I didn't try to dyno the RX8 I had, I know of others who couldn't totally disable the trac/stability control to get a "true" dyno result.