Interior and Upholstery Mustang Headrest removal


This is a big reason why I pulled it out
Mod Dude
Feb 18, 2001
Have seen this asked a few times and always wished there were a few pics available. I had s seat apart so I figure I make a how-to.

First off, you seat with desired headrest to remove


First thing you need to do is unclip the J clip at the seat bsck bottom. This can be done in the car, or out. A flathead screwedriver to pry the clip apart works best. You'll want to tilt the seatbsck forward for access


Here's your approach angke. From behind the seat you'll want to slide your hand and a flathead screwdriver up the back feeling for the upper part of the seat frame. You'll notice the center is wide open, that's good because you need to feel for the front of the top of the seat back.

In the front, about 6-8". Down from the headrest is the headrest guide tube. On the front is a small clip. You want to slide the screwdriver under the clip and twist slightly to pry it up. Pull up, or have a helper pull on the headrest. Should come out easy once you've found the clip


With the headrest out, you can see there is a tab on the headrest shaft that the clip fits into. This is what you are prying up on the clip to release

And that's it. 90+ headrest posts are narrower and use a plastic sleeve. If you want to install an older halo in a 90-04 seat you'll need to remove the sleeve.
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